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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing like "Cold Steel" in your hands!

A good friend of mine Matt Smith and I ventured out on a cold (26 degree) day this past Friday to introduce Matt to some first time steelhead fishing on Elk Creek. Matt and I have enjoyed fishing together on some Central PA streams but Matt has never had the thrill of chasing bruiser bucks and hungry hens.....Until Now!

Matt with his first ever Steelhead. Congrats Matt!

After adding layers to fight the cold, we were on the creek at first light. It did not take long for Matt to adapt to the cold and more importantly, swinging flies to aggressive fish. He was able to bring a colored up buck to the net in the first fifteen minutes on the water! Not bad for a newbie.
The action was steady throughout the day, as I watched Matt bring a total of ten fish to the net. Most all fish fell to Senyo's Ice Man Minnow with a few taking a blood dot egg pattern.

Matt trying to convince one to "come to PaPa"

As the day went on and the sun rose high, the temperature held at COLD! Although this had quite an effect on the fisherman, the fish seemed to care less. But, as any steelheader knows : the way to keep warm is to keep fish on the line! Matt was destined to stay warm the day through.

A nice hen taken on an egg pattern

A smile worth a thousand words

Myself with one of the Ice Man Minnow takers

Until next time!

Tim Hess
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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