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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Fast and The Furious!

Today was one of those days. You sometimes approach the day with the greatest of expectations, and sometimes you have no expectations at all. My counterparts for the day came in with a pure sense of easement, taking in every step along the river as though each step uncovered that moment that would give you a renewed sense of being.

Stephen and Cathleen took in the beauty and amazement of nature at first light and then BAMM! The next two hours were literally filled with chaos delivered first class by fish with fire in their eyes. We spent our time running up and down river with fish stripping line faster than you could reel. Lightning strikes by hefty hens and crazed bucks gave way to powerful runs that would challenge the most seasoned of anglers. With roughly twenty hooked fish and two to the net apiece in the first hours of daylight, I think my clients would agree; the fast and the furious would awe inspire all with the greatest of expectations!

Steve's first fish to the net.

Cathleen's triumphant catch....

....and a well deserved release!

Every fish hooked with my guests crashed either Senyo's Ice Man Minnow or a single egg pattern. It was truly, "one of those days"..........where the big ones ruled.....and got away. It was my pleasure to have been your guide... Stephen and Cathleen, thank you both!

Until Next Time!

Tim Hess

SAO Fly Fishing Guide

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