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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Spring Season Continues... Steelhead Alley River Report

Well it's been another good week for the guys on our Lake Erie Steelhead Tributaries! The weather is good, the fishing has been good, and our guests have been a blast to fish with!!! Every tributary is fishable with the only bad news being the usual low and clear water conditions and the return of hot weather days to the alley... Fish are scattered out quite a bit and plenty of decent fish can be found in the pools if you are willing to walk and work for them.

Hot flies have been Robinson's Chicken Littles, Schultzy's Fry Buggers, Senyo's Ice Man Minnows, JC's Creatures, Caddis and stone fly nymph patterns, and small egg patterns to match the sucker hatch. Today, the hot fly was Robinson's new Chicken Hawk in orange. Here are a couple of pictures from the past couple of days with guests. We hope you enjoy them...

Joe with a beautiful, fat hen that taped out
at 30" but had an 18" girth...short but stout!

Bill and Joe with a little double action while
fishing with SAO Guide Patrick Robinson.

Bill with a bright Lake Erie Steelhead.

Pat with another fine Ohio Steelhead.

Pat with a great looking fish while
fishing with SAO Guide Scott McClintock.

The Hot fly For me the past couple of weeks, The
Creek Chub version of Senyo's Ice Man Minnow...

Mike hit three species during his visit to the
Alley! Here is a fly caught Walleye.

Gary with one of the Ohio Steelhead he
caught with SAO Guide John Miller.

Mike with a good looking steelhead! Species #2 for him on the day!

Mike with the trifecta while fishing
with SAO Guide John Miller.

Gary with another solid Ohio Steelhead.

Nick with one of the steelhead he caught
with SAO Guide Scott McClintock.

A nice Ohio Tributary drop back from this spring.

Tom spent two days on the alley and caught some stellar
fish! Here is one with SAO Guide Brett McCrae.

Tom with another good fish with SAO Guide John Clouser.

Doug with one of many steelhead caught with
SAO Guide Ben Barger.

Zac with a feisty Ohio Buck Steelhead.

Zac with another fat Lake Erie Steelhead while
fishing with SAO Guide Ben Barger.

We are out as usual through the rest of April and are already booking strong for Lake Erie Small Mouth Bass starting this May. If you are interested in spending a few days on the alley for Bronzebacks let us know, we would love to spend a day stream side with you...
I just got back from a week of trout trips and will have more on that coming soon! Until then have fun and tight lines!

Greg Senyo
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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