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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunny Skies and Steelhead on the fly...Steelhead Alley River Report

The alley has been unseasonably warm this week! Highs in the 70's and 80's with blue skies make for tough steelhead fishing! The good news is we did very well again this week and put several quality fish in our nets. Rain is expected for tonight and into the beginning of the new week, but the amounts being forecast are very small amounts. We definitely need the water and any rain will only help our rivers at this point. Right now everything is fishable with most rivers on the low and clear side. Alot of walking to find fish is necessary, and switching fly patterns frequently is a must to increase your chances.

Hot flies for the guides this week were; Robinson's Chicken little's and Chicken Hawk's, Senyo's Ice Man Minnows in Emerald Shiner, Blue/Pink, and Creek Chub, JC's Peacock Creature, Various single eggs and sucker spawns in white, yellow, cream, light pink, and steelhead orange. Small stone flies were coming off like crazy and wiggle stones, princes, pheasant tails, and black rubber legged stone fly patterns were on the menu.

We are out everyday with the exception of the Easter Holiday, which we all plan on spending with our families and loved ones! After that we will have alot more for you through out the rest of the spring runs. Remember our Small mouth Bass trips are filling fast and if you are interested in expanding your season on the Alley this is an exciting and fun way to do it!

Here is a few of this weeks photos from the staff, have a great Easter and thank you all so much for fishing with our services!

The Smith's enjoy there first experience on steelhead Alley
with SAO guide Patrick Robinson!

Derrick releases the fish to fight another day!

Robinson's Chicken Hawk's were one of the hot
flies for guides this week.

SAO Guide Mike Schultz poses with
JD's First Erie Steelhead!

Can you say doubles....

Beautifully colored drop back steelhead.

Conner had a fantastic three days on the
Alley fishing with his father!

Conner with another fish with SAO guide John Miller.

Vic with a great looking fish.

Another good fish on SAO Guide John
Clouser's Peacock Creature.

Chuck with one of many nice steelhead
with SAO guide Scott McClintock.

The Warren Family spends some quality time together
with a few Lake Erie steelhead and SAO guide John Bowling.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
Until Next Time...
Greg Senyo
Owner/Operator SAO

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