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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wacky Weather and Lake Erie Steelhead River Report

The air temperatures are cooling down as rain starts to move into the area. Truth in the matter is we need every ounce of water we can get! Most everything remains on the low side with the larger tributaries (Grand, Conny, and the V) holding better fish numbers and the best fishing conditions. If we get the forecasted rain we could see another small push of fish... Drop backs, darker bucks, and a few mixed in fresher fish are what you can expect for now.

Hot flies have been the same over the week so far, with Ice Man Minnows in natural tones to imitate Creek Chubs, Darters, and small bait fish. Chicken Littles, Chicken Hawks, Micro nukes in Yellow, Cream, Peach, and White. Natural toned nymphs such as Pheasant tails, Hare's Ears, and Golden stone flies have produced good results. Don't forget to carry a few green caddis as well.

Here are a few more pics from yesterday's trips! We hope you enjoy them... Thank You again to everyone we have had the pleasure of fishing with to date...

It's all about the "Do Daddies"

Ken with a beautiful fish of his own.

Ken with a nice Ohio Buck Steelhead.

Mac with a feisty drop back hen.

Ralph with another nice Lake Erie Steelhead.

SAO Guide Ben Barger poses with Bill and a very nice Ohio Buck Steelhead.

Bill yet again with another hard charging Lake Erie Steelhead.

Jim with one of the steelhead he caught yesterday.

Bill with a nice hen to end the day..

We will have more for you later as more come in. Until then, we hope you enjoy the rest of the week! We'll see you on the water.

Tight Lines,

Greg Senyo
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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