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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fish On...Steelhead Alley Style!

With decent weather and water this weekend, the crowds were definitely out in force! Regardless, many of our guys were out either getting some fishing for themselves for a change, or taking others out for the experience of a lifetime. Either way, it was a good weekend to be out and many fish were being caught in the deep slots and on the swing. Gravel is where most of the roving throngs could be found, fishing to fish they could see, but we wanted the ones you couldn't. Everybody likes a surprise right? Well, this weekend, there were some nice surprises in store for those willing to work the holes. Our guys fished them and let me tell you, the clients, at times, were very surprised at the results.

Here is our photo of the week. This is Max. Max is a seven year old who got the chance to come out steelheading with his father and brothers. I can assure you that he won't soon forget this trip or his fish!

Max holds his first Steelhead ever! Way to go Max!!!

Jason and his son Aaron with a nice
hen....this is what it's all about!

Jason shows some chrome hen to his sons Sam and Aaron.
"This is how you do it boys," He says....

SAO guide Mike Schultz also had the great opportunity to guide John Davis, owner of Colton Bay Outfitters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is a very nice shop with amazing classes, presentations, and all the gear you could need. But on this day, John was in the mood for some fish, so fish he got....Right Schultzy?

John shows off a big buck and a big smile.

SAO guide Brett McCrae was also on the water and did a great job getting the clients into fish! Here below, Len and his buddy Jeff display a few of their catches for the day.

Len with a hot cheeked buck...

Jeff smiles with a beautiful piece of chrome!

Len shows the forthcoming seasons fare a bit early.
Smallmouth are coming for those who like them! If you
want to fish them in May and June, give us a shout.

SAO guide Ben Barger has a good friend Jeremiah who has been to the area the last couple of years and had limited opportunities to give steelheading a shot. As a result, his results have been less than desirable. This time around, Ben was not going to allow his friend to go home without his first piece of steel! With a promise, "I will get you a fish before you leave Jeremiah," and a little work, it finally happened for Jeremiah and more than once I might add!

An up close shot of a buck that became the first for Jeremiah

Jeremiah finally gets his moment on Steelhead Alley.
Way to go had that fish coming!!!

Today, SAO guide Ben Barger took a much needed break to get some fish of his own...albeit he did have a couple of newbies in tow each time he hit the water. Regardless, Ben wasn't going to allow anything to come between him and some fresh fish.

It's a beaut you got there lad! (add the Scottish inflections)

Yesterday myself and Ben Barger got out for some fish, and this time I had the great opportunity to be out with my son once again too. It is always good to get him out and let him learn a bit more of the sport I have come to love immensely! Thanks to Ben Barger for capturing the shots.

SAO Guide Patrick Robinson shares a moment with his
son. He was a very willing student as Dad stood over his shoulder.

Ben didn't take long to get on the boards which is always the way we would like for it to take place! As fast as she struck, Ben slid her back into the river to fight another day.

Ben Barger holds a nice hen and prepares for the release.

As a part of the day, I decided that swinging flies was in order. I really had an appetite for fish on the swing, so I swung every chance I had. Fortunately I had my son nearby, because when the fish struck and I screamed out with joy, my boy came running with the net....just like a guide in training. I got the fish close and he put the fish in the bag in one stab. I was impressed to say the least, and ecstatic about the force the fish hit with!

SAO Guide Patrick Robinson shares a moment with
his son after this nice dropback hen
slammed a Robinson's Munchable Minnow!

Ben slams another nice fish at the start of the day.

As stated earlier, SAO guide Mike Schultz was out with a very nice family....Jason and his sons. They had a stellar time on the western end of the Alley and did quite well! Below, Mike smiles with Sam as they display a very respectable buck steelhead that is fresher than most this time of year.

Sam poses with SAO guide Mike Schultz and a very nice buck!

Max grinning with brother Aaron as they share a moment.

Remember John from Colton Bay Outfitters....well, here he is with his business partner and close friend Greg. Greg busted some really nice fish while here on the Alley. Way to go guys!

Greg poses with a respectable buck while John looks on.

SAO guide Mike Schultz with John and a nice shiny
Lake Erie hen Steelhead

Greg with the fish of the week...33" length, 19" girth
This fish was full of eggs and tight. Pulled out of a hole
while getting ready to make her move! Can anyone
say, surprise, surprise?

This was a great week! We had a ton of clients on the water and many more fish in hand. We are stoked about the coming week and all of the people who are on their way. If you want to get out fishing for some spring steel, give us a shout. Our availability is very limited, but as always, we will do everything we can to get you out for the experience of a lifetime!

We'll see you on the water tomorrow!

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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