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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Low & Clear....Small & Big!

The past few days have provided challenging conditions on the alley. With the high temps and lack of precipitation, the water has been very low and very clear. There are decent numbers of fish in the rivers, but going small on the tippet and flies is a must.

Yesterday offered an opportunity for two brothers to hit the water. Bill (Winky) & Jim came to us from the big state of Texas and found out that not all things are bigger in Texas...
Guide/Owner Greg Senyo did as much laughing as he did tying on flies and netting fish yesterday, as the brothers threw sarcastic jabs back and forth all day. Bets were made, rods were readied, and when the boots hit the was on!

Jim (Left) landed this beautiful mass of chrome above. Guide Greg Senyo went small on the tippet (6 lb) to put this big 32" hen in the net! It was time for the sarcastic jabs to lay down for a great group photo and what a great way to round out the day!

Oh, by the way...did I mention that this next beauty taped out at 31". No slouch in her own right! Jim brought two 30+" fish to the net on a very challenging day.

Bill & Jim weren't the only clients on the water yesterday. Head Guide Patrick Robinson had Brian on the water and after a lot of work and a few break-offs', Brian brought this nice buck to the net!

Yesterday was a reminder that when the fish don't come easy, they are oh so sweet! Water conditions were tough.....we had rain, we had sun....but at the end of the day, it was another rewarding outing on the water! Guides John Clouser and John Bowling were aslo out on the water, so we will have an update with their outings and pictures as soon as they come in..

Cheers to bent rods!

Ben Barger
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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