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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brook Trout, Good Food, and Great Times!

Our Brook Trout Retreats have started and it feels really good to be off Steelhead Alley! I almost feel guilty for picking up the super fine trout rods, just knowing the rest of the gang is working hard on our Lake Erie Tributaries... Good thing was it only took about an hour to tune in and zone out on nothing but good company, Lot's of fattening foods, and small trout!

Our first trip of the season welcomed in the Reel Woman-Reel Men Fly Fishing Club from Indianapolis. Everyone met up Friday Afternoon at my cabin in the Allegheny's and shared a few laughs and refreshments before dinner. The consensus was unanimous on the rest and relaxation and looking forward to the quiet and laid back trout getaway.

A view of the trout stream we would fish for the weekend from the front door of our cabin.

After a few hours of meet and greet, and popping a few of my father's famous cherries it was time for dinner. Each day we had something different from Steak & Wild Rice, Home made Roasted Pepper Spaghetti and meat balls, to good old BBQ Chicken and Veggies. Add in a few fresh wild berry pies and everyone was stuffed to the gills.

After Dinner everyone sat around talking about all the great fishing experiences each has had on the fly. As a group we all prepared new leaders and got all of our gear in order for the morning and tied up some of the flies patterns we would use over the course of the weekend.

Grilling chicken breast for our first evening dinner!

Breaking bread together and sharing a few good stories!

Jason Gregory ties a few flies for Patti to use in the morning.
Each morning we would split into groups and slowly work the stream until lunch. Everyone caught trout each day and were able to fish at his or her pace and enjoy the whole experience for what it really is.
After a wonderful and relaxing stream side lunch each day, we would set out again to find a few more hungry trout to entice on the fly. Mid afternoons were really good all weekend long with small #16 to #20 Caddis, Stone fly, and BWO's coming off the water. Dry and dropper combinations and 6x tippet put alot of trout to the net and made for some exciting takes.

Gary with a decent Brook Trout taken on a #18 CDC Stone fly.

Lori with one on the dropper, with this Brook Trout Taking a # 16 Pink larvae.
Small streamers took there fair share of strikes each day as well and provided opportunities to catch fish in some very tight spots. Woolly buggers, Muddlers, buck tails, and Bear's Cross dresser minnow tied in sizes #12-#10 were hot patterns.

Small Brown Trout that took a #10 Blue Pearl Bugger Pattern.
It was a ton of fun to watch and help everyone over the course of the weekend! It was even more enjoyable to see friends and partners fish, high five, hoot and holler, and just have a great weekend with one another. I mean seriously this is what fly fishing was intended to be like!

Another Brook Trout that took a #18 BH pheasant tail dropper.

Patti with one of many beautiful Brook Trout each day.

Duane fished hard each day and came away with some great memories.

Gary helps his wife Lori by netting one of her Trout, it was simply awesome watching these two work a pool with dries. They both have a passion for trout and for fishing with each other...

Our property had alot of history with in the Mountain. Old bed rock bridge embankments cross the stream is several places along way from any public road. These bridges were built by the Monks in the early 1900's while in the region teaching Christianity to the Corn Planter Indians.

Bridge embankment seen on the right side of the photo.

Jason Admires a small Brown Trout before releasing it.

Bugs were popping...

Jason sits along the stream and selects a new bug for Gary to try.
Alot of the time we are all in to much of a rush and miss all the little things that fishing small secluded trout streams offer, such as the beautiful scenery, endless wildlife, and the pure peace and quiet experienced away from our busy and hectic schedules and life styles. Belows pictures remind me of those things and memories we all need to revisit now and again.

Gary makes a cast to a trout working the surface.

The Brook trout Gary caught on that cast!

Working one of the cabin pools.

Nice Brook Trout caught on Bear's Cross Dresser Streamer Pattern.

Long and relaxing lunches and a bonfire during the afternoon.

Lori hooked up on a real good trout.

Bill had the hot rod on day one landing several healthy trout.

Brook Trout that took a small BWO.

Lori drifting a small boulder filled pool.

Gary working his dry dropper rig through a nice run.

An up close body shot of one of our many wild brown trout.

When It was all said and done; Everyone had a wonderful time and caught a ton of trout. They also left the cabin a few pounds heavier! After getting the cabin ready for the next group I needed to get out for a long hike and hook one for myself... There is something about trout fishing that is always apart of your life, and I am so glad time is taken to pursue simple pleasures!

Simple pleasures and brilliant colors!

I hope this post helps you day dream of simple pressures and small trout, and helps you escape for just a few moments from your work and the office!!! Until Next time!!!
Greg Senyo
Owner/Operator SAO

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