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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fly Fishing Film Tour Tonight in Cleveland

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend a day on the water with the gang from the Fly Fishing Film Tour. We all had a blast and swung up a few fish during the day!!! Thad, Marc, Jay, Dan, and Brett is was great fishing with all of you... Tonight is the big night for fly fishing fanatics in Cleveland and the surrounding Lake Erie Region. The Tour stops in Cleveland and hits the big screen! Doors open at 6:30pm, we hope you come out and support such a great fly fishing venue..

Cedar Lee Theatre
2163 Lee Rd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Tickets are $15.00 at the door!
Raffles and Steelhead Guided trips will be given away Tonight!

Jay strikes a pose on an Ohio Tributary... You have got to see the gang in
the Latest Metal Head BC Steelhead Video tonight on the big screen!

Marc and Dan Sharing a laugh, of course at my expense after a great day on the water!

As for our tributaries the PA streams are fishing, but fish are far and few in between. Alot of hiking and switching fly patterns is a must to stay on top of fish. The larger Ohio Tributaries such as the Grand River and the Chagrin River are coming down, with the smaller Ohio tributaries fishing as of yesterday. Once again the fish are scattered nicely and locating fish is key to a successful outing. Here are just a few of the recent pics for now... We will have more later when possible.

Hot flies were Senyo's Ice man Minnows, Robinson's Chicken Littles, Chartreuse and hot pink eggs, McCrae Sculpins, White zonkers and buggers, and small attractor steelhead nymphs.

Fresh fish!!! Finally...

We'll have more for you soon....

Tight Lines!
Greg Senyo
Owner/Operator SAO

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