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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Soaked in Steel...Steelhead Alley River Report

What a great start to the week! Rain moved into the area Monday and the temperatures dropped into the high 30's. This is exactly what the rivers needed to keep good flow levels and water color, We are seeing a small trickle of fresher fish moving up stream which is also a plus. The crowds have been minimal at best and the majority of the fish we caught were winter hold overs or have been in the river a few weeks already.

More Rain and a mix of sleet and snow are in the forecast starting this Thursday with night time lows in the 20's and 30's. We have multiple guides out pretty much as usual from here on out, so we will keep the updates as current as possible. Right now the Ohio tributaries are on the high side with a few coming into fishable conditions quickly. The PA tributaries are fishing well with great color and flows. Having 7 guides PA Licensed really has paid off over the past two years! This enables us move around the weather and fish alot of very good water when ever possible with any size group.

Hot flies the past few days have been Robinson's Chicken Little's with chartreuse, orange, and pink egg heads. Senyo's Ice Man Minnows in grey/pearl, emerald shiner, and blue/pink. Sucker spawn and skein flies in white, peach, yellow, and pink. Caddis larvae in Chartreuse and dark olive. BH attractor nymphs in black, cream, and olive.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days on the alley. We will get a few more pics up as they all come in from the guys. We would like to thank everyone who has fished with us so far for a great start to the spring season. Hope you enjoy..

Until Next Time!


Greg Senyo-SAO

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