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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tough Times, But Tight Lines!

It's tough to catch a break this Spring! I think the saying "rain, rain, go away, come again some other day" is appropriate about now. I for one have seen enough rain for at least a little while. Yesterday was a welcome change, but snow, really? It was snowing so hard that it was accumulating for a while. I had to check my calendar to see what day it was. But hey, I have to was true Steelheading weather for sure and the fish agreed.

Larry hits a nice hen.

A nice dropback comes to hand.

The fishing has been difficult for one reason this Spring and that is due to the fact on most days, most streams haven't even allowed you to grace their waters. However, we have been lucky to get out on about every occasion that they have allowed us and our anxious clients have been rewarded with some quality fish.

Tim holds onto a nicely colored hen

Jim holds onto some nice chrome...Oh so pretty!

The key lately has been to stick and move...cover water and find the fish that are constantly moving due to the pulsing waters. Fish are around, but not in huge numbers, so walking and working are what pays off.

Brian with his first fish of the day.

Larry & Brian smile with their catches and willing friend Marty.

Tim hits a nicely colored of the only of the day

Kerry puts a nice buck in the net early in the day

Their is one experience that is always cool and that is when the fish all want to bite at the same time. Doubles are extra special and always remembered for years by those who were the fortunate fisherman. Getting them both in the net at the same time is always the trick for the guide, but this time around it worked out perfectly!

Larry and Brian pose with a nice double down

One of those colored mugs we all love!

Jim lands this thick heavy buck waiting
anxiously for some hens.

Larry nailed this beautiful lady with a voracious appetite!

Thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen who have been entrusting us with their days on the water in the last few days! We have had a great time playing this game of hide and seek and look forward to doing it again in the future!

Keep your eyes on the gauges, because once again the next few days are bringing precipitation and most streams will likely pulse higher than they are currently. We hope to get back out in a few days with more anxious anglers.

Flies that have been hot lately are Bob's Minnows, Ice Man Minnows, Chicken Littles and a variety of pastel eggs. Keep in mind that drop backs are starting to drop out and are looking for a meal. They will give chase, so swing em up or hit them on the white buggers and minnows.

Tight lines,

Patrick Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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