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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Trying To Have Some Fun....Rain Or Shine!

Despite all of the rain, floods, and bumps in the road, you just have to find away to stay positive and have alittle fun! This spring we had to take every possible fishing day, and try to make the best of what was given. Obviously some days were much better than others, with many days that were totally out of our control. I felt like I was playing poker with Mother Nature and losing on nearly every hand! The best thing about all of this was the willingness of many of our clients to "Gamble" and get on the water with every open window. This Spring Steelhead runs were just that- brief windows of opportunity between the Rain, Wind, and Mud....

For those of you who did make it out this spring, we all would like the thank you for making our spring worth wild, and it is always a pleasure fishing with you all. If you are still thinking of coming up, we will have at least a couple more good weeks to get that steelhead fix in, if the rains hold off long enough that is...  Here are a few recent trip pictures from SAO Guide Tim Hess.

A Nice Lake Erie Steelhead Brought To Hand.

Dave Z. With A Hefty Drop Back Hen.

Dave H. With A Nice Elk Creek Steelhead.

The Daves' Double Up...

This past Easter weekend was very special, we had planned on taking a group of kids steelhead fishing and giving them a great opportunity to hook into some of the regions remaining steelhead. Unfortunately the rains came and the rivers were completely unsafe and unfishable. So instead of cancelling and disappointing a bunch of young fly fishers, we decided to move the outing to our cabin and set the kids up to have a chance at a few nice brook trout. 

What makes this outing so special was that these were the youngsters that won our fly fishing trip during the Annual One Fly Outing put on by Jack Gripp and a host of generous gentleman from The Fish Erie Community. We wanted to make sure we held up the tradition, and insure everyone's hard work was honored by  making these young fly angler's day the best it could be... In short the day was fantastic, all 14 kids caught fish, and I would like to thank the Parents, kids, Mike Sowers, Joel Bock, Jason Gregory, Jack Gripp, Dave Wentzel, and the hard working Guys from the One Fly Event- You know who you guys are! for providing these young and talented anglers with a chance to learn and live! I have posted a few of the pictures below, you have got to love there choice in fishing hats!    

14 young fly fishers ready to hit the stream!

Some of the kids learned how to fish larger sculpins and streamers in the higher flows. 

A nice Brook Trout that took a sculpin pattern.

Mike helps out on the first Brook Trout of the Day.

First Brook Trout Ever!

I believe this is the first Curious George and Brook Trout encounter I have ever had...

Nothing like a nice trout to make your day!

Mad Bomber, Brook Trout, and alot of fun!

Another First Ever Brook Trout!

Another fish brought to hand.

Finishing off the day with one last fish! I feel extremely grateful to be apart of such a great Easter weekend!

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