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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Few More Fish From This Week, And A Quick Update!

Looks like rain and thunderstorms going into the new week, keep an eye on the USGS Guages and the NOAA forecast. It has been a stellar week for the guys with a few really nice Lake Erie Steelhead hitting the bottom of the net. We are still seeing Hold-over, drop-back, and a few fresh Steelhead in the mix. No huge numbers of fish in anyone place. Be prepared to hike and you will find enough Steelhead that are willing to take flies.

John and SAO Guide Mike Schultz pose with a beautiful Ohio Lake Erie Steelhead!

Tom and Mark celebrate a hot fish, While fishing with SAO's Patrick Robinson.

Mark with a hansome Lake Erie Steelhead of his own!

Matt with a solid Ohio Tributary Steelhead, while fishing with Andy and SAO's Mike Schultz.

Andy poses with a solid Ohio Steelhead.

Tony with a hard fighting Ohio Buck from an outing with SAO's John Clouser.

TJ and Lisa share a moment together with a nice Ohio Steelhead.

Lisa with a silver bullet of her own, while fishing with TJ and SAO's Mike Schultz.

Greg with a solid Ohio Tributary Steelhead while fishing with John, Bill, and Mike Schultz.

Bill poses with a nice Ohio Buck!

Steve with a nicely colored Ohio steelhead from a recent outing with SAO's Mike Schultz.

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