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Friday, March 27, 2009


Let me introduce you to "Boss Hog" Nice fish Jeff!!

It was another good day on the water with clients with plenty of steelhead released to fight another day. On that note thank God it's Friday! The guys are really starting to look a little ragged around the edges if you know what I mean.... We will have guys out this weekend, but the majority are taking it easy until Monday and then back at it in full force.

We would like to thank everyone for a great week on Steelhead Alley! We had a lot of multiple day trips this week, and it was an honor being apart of so many great memories. Seeing Tucker's first Steelhead on the fly, long time friends reuniting on the water, fathers & sons with unbreakable bonds and unmistakable smiles, and of course being apart of some of the nice catches and some personal best fish on the fly. These are the most important values and reasons we guide!!!

We still have days available for this spring. Don't hesitate to call us at 419-466-9382 if you are interested in fly fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead. If you have been following this blog you can see these guys are guiding our local rivers everyday and know where the fish are! We would love to see you smiling in one of these steelhead pictures!

Pray for rain because we need it bad!!! Once we get it the fishing should get a whole lot better. Same types of fly patterns in our past blogs are hitting fish. Here are some of the Steelhead photos, plus a bonus shot from today on Steelhead Alley. Be safe this weekend and Tight Lines .

AJ with a feisty spring Ohio Steelhead

Jeff with another good sized Ohio Buck

Keep 'em coming their not photo shy

John With a fat Grand River Hen

Gary with a healthy fat Ohio steelhead

Tom with another good buck

Troy poses with a good looking fish

The bonus catch of the day!

Tom with his fly caught Walleye! Hey I thought we were steelhead fishing?

Father & Son Doubles? Priceless!

Marc & Tucker on a hot streak!

As you can see 12 year old Tucker had the magic touch Today!

Rich with a nice buck

Jeff with a great looking hen

Allen with his first Ohio Steelhead

Good Fishing!!!

Greg Senyo


Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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