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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Crazy Day Produces Crazy Results!

Today was a crazy day. With 15 clients and 6 guides on the water, you can bet that many miles of water were covered in search of those specimens whose shimmering radiance would brighten any fisherman's day.

As luck would have it, every group was successful today despite some tough conditions. I was the last one to pull through with fish to the net. We had trouble for whatever reason, getting fish to the net all day long. By mid afternoon, we still didn't have the skunk off. Knowing that the rest of our guide staff had put multiple fish in the net wasn't making it any better either.

The cool thing about our guys is that they know how to rally. Today's trip for me was like a fourth quarter rally that ended up in our favor. Yes, perhaps we didn't catch as many fish, but I would bet we caught the biggest.

A Nice Buck Caught on a Swung Streamer Heats Things Up!

Today on the nicest buck we caught, there was the signs of a famous Great Lakes invasive species....The Sea Lamprey.

The wound was fresh and a reminder of the frailty of nature when things show up that should not be around.

Sea Lamprey's Leave Nasty Wounds Wherever They Have Been!

Soon after getting the skunk off, John (pictured below) decided to make a connection. Not just any connection, but a huge connection. Upon setting the hook, I thought we may have a 34-35 inch fish, but isn't that how every fisherman's eyes look :) ? In all seriousness, this may not have been that big, but this fish was huge!

The Show Stopper for the Day

A Very Large Buck Weighing In At 12 Pounds!

So, after a very nice fight and another fish under the belt, John decided it was time for some celebration. Cigars were offered up and John smoked to the goodness of the day...regardless of the late entry into the game.

A Great Celebration After a Stellar Fish!

Below, you will find photo highlights from the other guides that were on the water today.

Marc and Tucker with a little double play!


Father and Son pose with Tucker's first Lake Erie Steelhead! Congrats Tucker!

Proud Father Marc With a nice buck of his own.

Tucker with yet another great Lake Erie Steelhead!

This Ohio buck took Tom for a ride this afternoon.

Tom with a great looking Ohio steelhead.

Jeff with a nice buck, one of many this day...

Dave with a nice Ohio Tributary buck!

Dave with a feisty hen steelhead.

Tom with an early morning Ohio steelhead.

Conner picking up were he left off yesterday!

Conner releasing the warrior buck!

Conner the steelhead King with yet another good fish!!!

As usual we will have a lot of guides and clients on the water tomorrow morning. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!

Tight Lines,

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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