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Monday, October 6, 2008

"Who Let The Dogs Out ? " Steelhead Alley Report

Joel with a Fresh Chrome hen from a PA Tributary.

I got to visit a few of the more popular Tribs of Steelhead Alley this weekend and all I can say is that some of the Mutts have come home, in other words it seems a fresh push of fish has entered the Alley tributaries. Friday afternoon found the bigger Lake Erie Tributaries to high, off colored, and fast. This was making fishing rather difficult, but by Saturday morning things where prime...............fresh chrome, ready to play, and where awaiting us in preferred lies though out the lower rivers.

John with a early fall fresh PA steelhead.

After our "Lake City Big Breakfast",Tim ,Dan ,Tracy, and I made our way to the water.
To my surprise the crowds where not as high as I had anticipated. With the prime conditions we where about to encounter it was more of a shock to where everyone was. Our group and those around us had consistent hook-ups, and the morning air was filled with excited yells of "FISH-ON","Commin Down"& "What-cha get that one on ?". The morning wore on and the fishing slowed by early afternoon. Tim took notice and remarked that the water had dropped almost 8" since our morning arrival. We Decided to go on the search of more productive water and more chances at silver bullets. Productive flies on Saturday where Bobs Minnows, Skein Flies in orange and Pink, P-cock Wiggle Stones, and Nagy's Caddis Candy.

Dan strikes silver!!!

Sunday I found myself on another Lake Erie tributary,and after about 45 minutes of fishing a good run, I found myself changing flies and adding or taking off weight in search of an active fish. I added an indicator and a Chartreuse Skein fly to my presentation, and was rewarded on the first cast, was a hard charger that took me into my backing, running upstream, down stream, and right at me in its quest for freedom....I lost this one, but I was finally dialed in and for the next couple of hours I was left smiling to myself, as I won a few and lost a few battles with the pod of bruiser steelhead.

Tim fighting a hot fish on lower Elk Creek.

Later in the day I Shared water with a couple fly guys John and Jim from Youngstown. We talked fishin, football, and solving the worlds problems, in between jousted with our was a very good couple of day's on the water, just the beginning of many this fall.
Productive flies on Sunday where Chartreuse Skein flies, Clouser Minnows & Chartreuse
Show-Girls. Hopeful we will get more rain soon......we need it.

Tim Hess with a fresh Lake Erie buck steelhead

A special thanks to Tracy, for keeping his land open for us all to enjoy !
Please remember to leave only your foot-prints on all public & private lands allowing fishing to the public, please help pick up the trash and enjoy all your fishing ventures this fall.
tight lines

Joel Bock
Steelhead Alley Outfitters / JAG Fly Co

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