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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Changing Colors" Fall Steelheading

Texas Joe Eckly,drove 23 hours for Erie Steelhead fishing.

As this past weekend showed me once again; mid October steelheading on the Alley is all about changing weather conditions and a Fall full of changing colors. Conditions went from high & muddy with fairly good flows on Friday to low and clear on many of the Alley Tribs this afternoon.
Tim Hess with one that fell for a Senyo's wiggle stone.

Just As 2 week-ends ago the waters dropped quickly on Saturday,but the fishing still remained fairly good. I fished this weekend with good friends, Mike Sowers, Tim Hess, and Tuna Joe Eckly who drove in to PA from Dallas to take in the fine foliage & fishing. Texas Joe was the first to hook up, and he landed his first steelhead in 3 years on his 6Th cast of the day. The rest of us where soon to follow as the fishing was good throughout most of the morning.
Joel Bock strikes silver.
Saturday brought near perfect conditions,with stained & dropping water,with decent flows.
It was a day of change, not only with the beautiful fall foliage that surrounded us,but with our presentations as well. The fish seemed to want something different all day, and by changing flies and techniques such as dead drifting, indicator fishing, and high stick nymphing, it kept the fish active and willing to take a fly.

A small PA Tributary ( notice the low flows)
Sunday brought a little tougher conditions with lower flows & less color, indicator fishing seemed to a bit more productive than any other tactic and the persistent angler caught fish.
Productive and hot fly patterns over the week-end where Sowers Pearly Minnow, Bob's Minnow, Clouser Minnows, Greg's P-cock Wiggle Stones, Rubber Legged Catt Nymphs, Black/Green Backed Buggers, and Pink & Chartreuse Skein Flies.
Whitmans Bridge on Elk Creek.
We still need a few days of good solid rain,to get the tribs up and to normal flows, and to push the
fish up the tribs. The cooler nights are also having an effect.Saturday water temps where in the low 50's and Sunday temps in the mid to upper 40's.
Mike Sowers with a nice chrome steelhead
Good Fishin & Tight Lines
Joel Bock
Steelhead Alley Outfitters/JAG Fly Co

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