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Thursday, October 30, 2008

SAO update...

Dave Thatcher with a gorgeous chrome buck

I had a brief moment to log on and get a quick report up, and by having the blog I will be able to report just from about anywhere on my lap top.. The Alley streams have gotten the water they desperately needed. All the rivers are reacting differently due to the amount of precipitation the ground swallowed up and also how much rain was falling in the upper sections of the streams. The Eastern Rivers on the Alley came up yesterday and last night, but we still did pretty well. As I write this rivers are dropping and coming into favorable conditions in both PA and Ohio. Fly patterns varied as we switched patterns alot to keep on the fish. Tons of leaves in the flow, and I mean tons!!! just fight through it and you will be rewarded.

Mark displaying a nice chrome hen.

Jason With Lake Erie Silver!!!

If you have not noticed we have a new fly tutorials page now available on our Main site at and is right here on the blog where it says fly tutorials here!! ( ) We hope you enjoy the new information. We will have another Exciting announcement here shortly, but time to get back at it!!!
Here a few more Guided trip photos from this week.. Don't hesitate to call anytime for all your steelhead needs and information, we are on the river daily from here on out..

Dave Thatcher with another Chrome fall lake Erie buck.

Tight lines!!! Greg Senyo & SAO Staff

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