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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Name That Tune

We've been anticipating it like Christmas and its finally here. The 17yr cicda has ERUPTED over central Pennsylvania. The hatch was predicted for weeks ago but the weird weather patterns kept them at bay. Now, nearly every tree is covered in exoskeletons of the cicada. I have collected some samples including one emerging from the case. The sound is almost unbearable. You can barely hear yourself think in some parts of town and along the stream. I havent seen them really starting to die yet but there are cripples everywhere. This window isnt going to last long and when its gone who knows, you may never see it again. With climate changes, wars and whatnot another batch of 17yr cicada could be a dream we will never see. I invite you to grab a spot while you can. I took on another job and my schedule has really been reduced. This is something you should come fish, collect and remember for the rest of your life! I will try to post pictures soon. With my hectic schedule even simple things like a picture can be hard for me to come by. But... if you come fishing with me, I will have an excuse to take pictures... write us, call us, come fish!

~Jeremy Hoffman

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