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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Expansion Continues

For those of you who have fished with us as Steelhead Alley Outfitters, you know that we love to fish and take the opportunity to share it with you very seriously.

In the past few months myself and Greg Senyo have been talking about who would fill that last position on the SAO staff.  As you could imagine, we thought long and hard, fished with numerous people and kept looking for that person who we thought would bring a high level of experience and expertise that was second to none. 

Well, the short of it is, that we have found the person and are more than excited to present him to you!  So, I am happy to announce that the newest member of the Steelhead Alley staff and our Spey Specialist is Will Turek. (thunderous applause, shouting, clapping, etc)

Here is a little about Will to help introduce him and some of his experience to you.

Will Turek, born and raised in NE Ohio, has been professionally employed in the fly fishing industry since 1995.  He spent close to a decade working for Fish First fly shop ( based in the Bay Area in Northern California.  While at Fish First he gained considerable experience in fly fishing retail sales, designing and instructing fly fishing classes and on-stream clinics, and guiding walk/wade and drift boat trips on such notable California rivers as the Yuba, Feather, Lower & Upper Sacramento, and Pit.  In 1999 he moved from the Bay Area to Chico, California to open and manage a second First Fish store and develop their guide operation for Northern California.  Will has chased trout, steelhead, salmon, large and smallmouth bass, and striped bass throughout California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Michigan and his home state of Ohio.

Will is currently involved as a fly fishing manufacturer sales representative.  Will has been instrumental in the development of Scott Fly Rods and instructs on-stream casting clinics for the Great Lakes region.  Will is particularly passionate about fishing for steelhead and teaching the benefits of fishing and casting using spey techniques with single and two-handed rods.  Will has been featured in Joe Thomas' Reel in the Outdoors show that airs on ESPN2 and is in demand as a guide, speaker, and spey specialist.  

With Will joining the SAO family, we now have a variety of on-stream casting clinics that we would like to present to you as opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience.  Will is the resident instructor for all of these clinics and at times he may have some over zealous up and coming spey geeks at his side, but I won't mention any names (Patrick and Greg) :)

Check your calendars and get in on one of these schools (see below) as soon as is limited and filling fast.

Spey 101 - July 26, August 30, October 4 - all morning classes
Introduction to Spey: Basic skill level of overhead and roll casting is required.  Introduction to basic principles of spey casting.  Learn basic casting exercises and two spey casts - Circle Spey and Double Spey.
Duration: 4 hours.
Minimum Size: 6 students   Max Size: 8 students
Cost: $100

Spey 105 - July 26, August 30, October 4 - all afternoon classes
Skagit Casting:  Basic skill level of overhead and roll casting is required.  Review basic spey casting principles.  Learn basic caasting exercises adn three Skagit spey casts including Circle Spey, Circle Poke, Perry Poke, Double Spey, and Skagit Double.  
Duration: 4 hours
Minimum Size: 6 Students  Max Size: 8 Students
Cost: $100

Spey 201 - August 2, September 6, 2008
Intermediate Spey: Spey 101 and 105 are prerequisites for 201.  Review basic spey casting principles.  Review Circle and Double Spey.  Learn Switch Cast, Single Spey, and Snake Roll. 
Duration: 6 hours
Minimum Size: 6 Students  Max Size: 8 Students
Cost: $125

50% deposit due upon sign up for all classes.

For more information on our Will Turek and our spey opportunities, go to

If you are interested in Steelhead on single or two-hand rods while executing spey techniques, we are taking bookings for the hot fall fish.  And trust me when I say you need to call fast!!!  Our calendar is nearing full for the fall as we speak.  Don't wait, Will, Greg and myself are all available for these spey only trips.

Will, from myself and the rest of the Steelhead Alley staff, welcome to the team!

Tight lines,

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson

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