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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Driftless Region - Part Deuce

Road Trip to Wisconsin
June 21, 2008

After our first trip out to Wisconsin trout water, we came back completely exhausted from having driven all night and then fishing all day.  No time for sleep though, afterall, we had presentations to take care of at the Orvis store in Madison.  This was our chance to share our knowledge with others who don't get to frequent the areas we do.

After a good evening with great people we spent the last remaining minutes of the day with Tony, Nick, and Todd....all employees at the store.  We downed some food and dismissed ourselves at the first opportunity not because of bad company, but because of a severe lack of sleep bearing down on us and a day of fishing that would wake us early.

Day two was to be spent on Black Earth Creek....what a name.  I felt like we should have been headed to the center of the earth :)

Rumor was that this spring creek held monstrous fish and after seeing the water, there's no doubt it's true.  Unfortunately for us, the water was a little high and off color which meant the fishing was tough.

So, on days like that, you do what you can and when you can't, you capture the beauty of the this.....

Here we prepare to fish as Nick our guide looks upstream.....

Nick was forced to fish by us as we wouldn't allow him to stand around....there was fishing to be done!

Greg finally surrendered to the fatigue that was pursuing us all weekend.  Nothing better to do on a day the fish aren't biting.

Nick surveys the's almost as if he's contemplating where that monster fish is laying....

Well folks, that is all for this trip.  Wisconsin is a beautiful place and a great place to fish.  Get there if you can.

Tight Lines.......

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson

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