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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bass Gone Wild at the Wilds

This weekend I had an opportunity to guide in an area I have wanted to for some time!  The area we guided in is called the Wilds.  
The Wilds is one of the largest and most innovative wildlife conservation centers in the world.  Located on nearly 10,000 acres in southeast Ohio, it is home to rare and endangered species from around the world living in natural, open-range habitat, as well as home to hundreds of indigenous species.

Graham Stokes, our warm water specialist,  and myself both fished multiple days with great success on this water packed piece of property.

A party of nine fished numerous lakes in kayaks and jonboats bringing in hundreds of Largemouth bass and panfish that were world class.  Although no monster bass were landed, several 8-10lb class largemouth were fought and lost.....much to our dismay :(

The Wilds is a unique place, not just because of what they do, but because of the landscape.  For those who have been out in the plains states, the Wilds looks more like Wyoming than it does Ohio.  It is a beautifully wild place with great fishing opportunities.....and I am glad I had the opportunity to experience it.

Here are a few photos of the weekend.  I wish I had taken more, but the paddles occupied to much of my time.

On day one, we were on our way to rendezvous with the clients when BOOM!!!! a blowout.  Here Brian shows his NASCAR pit crew style.  With great team work, I helped Brian with the change while Graham made the rendezvous with the clients just on time.

A shot of Graham in his truck, positioning the boats so we can off load the raft that I fished out of daily. 

One of my clients with an average size bass at the Wilds.

The panfish (mostly Bluegill) were world class on these lakes and ponds.  Some fish in the 10" range were common place!  Ever had your boat pulled by a Bluegill?  I have :)

And here is what an average view was like from the boat.  You would see this mixed with lots of fish, hawks, Osprey, wading birds, deer, etc.  It was a beautiful place with lots of great times.

Well, that is it for this installment.  Don't forget that just because the water has warmed, it doesn't mean that Steelhead Alley guides have gone into hibernation.  We are out fishing and you should be too!!!

Tight Lines,

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson

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