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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Steelhead Alley River Report

Early October Hen Steelhead caught on a JC's Creature.

It has already started to spit some rain on the tributaries this morning. The rivers are once again very low and clear with fish scattered in the lower sections. Hopefully we will get a heavy dose of precipitation pretty soon or we can expect to continue to have crowded lower river conditions and fish stacked in limited pools. Jim at Folley's End on Elk Creek stated that some fish had made it up to the camp ground on sunday in limited numbers, and they had received some rain but no enough to change the creek conditions as of this morning. Walnut Creek is low/ clear and as usual a zoo, with limited fish stacking in small pools in the project waters. Ohio tributaries are seeing fish in the lower rivers, but are also in desperate need of water before any major runs happen.

A Chrome PA buck steelhead that slammed a blue and pearl Bob's minnow.

Best bet right now is to walk away from the more popular accesses and search out small pods of fish holding in river cuts, plunge pools, and eddy's. The angler's that have been doing this have found a few good pods of fish and had a good day on the water.

October steelhead that fell for Senyo's Minnow 15mm Eumer tube fly.

Fishing the Lake Erie tributary mouths also has numbers of cruising shore line steelhead waiting to enter our low tributaries, but are eager and willing to strike a streamer and head right for Canada!! Trout run has been productive but was really crowded!!

A selection of Senyo's Eumer tube flies for steelhead.( notice the Senyo's minnow center)

Hot fly patterns right now are Senyo's wiggle stones in blue and peacock, and assorted #14 and #16 small hares ears, pheasant tail, and prince nymphs. Crystal Ice buggers and Sculpins in white, black, olive, brown, and Small 15mm tear drop Eumer tubes tied in egg sucking leech, minnow, and goby patterns are also deadly right now.

Senyo's egg stealing Goby/Sculpin Eumer tube flies.
(Steelhead Alley Eumer tube assortments are available call for details 419-466-9382)

Pat Robinson and myself will be at the Dayton Orvis Store on Saturday the 11th doing a Steelhead alley presentation, destinational trout presentation, fly tying, Q&A, and equipment set up and recommendations. Sunday the 12th we will be at the Royal Oak Detriot Orvis shop doing the same presentations and tying. We look forward to seeing some of you at the shows.

A selection of Senyo's Sculpins and scandi style tube flies.(All tubes tied by Greg Senyo on Eumer tubes and come with Diiachi X 510 tube hook)

Our guide season has already started and we expect another great season, We are filling fast for the fall, but we have a very deep and experienced staff to handle all your needs. if you are interested in a custom built steelhead trip package please call 419-466-9382 as soon as possible to reserve your day. We are also taking advanced booking for our spring 2009 steelhead season, warm water fly fishing, destination trips and much, much, more... We have reliable stream side residents and staff on the rivers daily don't hesitate to call us for any of your steelhead alley needs..

Thank you all for the numerous and record high fly orders and tube orders and continued support of SAO and jagfly Company!!! With out you guys fly fishing with us and the support from numerous fly shops supporting our fly sales and referring our services we would not be in existence... Thank you all and Good luck this fall and here's to you for a wonderful and busy start to the 2009 fall steelhead season... We'll keep you updated!!!

Heres a few more pictures from our Trip North this year..

We will be going back to the Garden River on September 11 thru 14 2009, Its going to be great fishing for salmon in Alaska in August and Salmon on the Great Lakes in September..

Heath with a wild Canadian Rainbow from the Garden River, Ont.

Mike with a fat chinook from the Garden River, Ont.

Tight lines!!!
Greg Senyo

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