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Friday, March 30, 2012


I am always amazed by the reverence one can find while spending a day on the water. Solitude in your mind is literally an eye shot away. Clear skies, fresh air and desire reveal a world that we often take for granted. I see more than just fish in a river, shear cliffs, shale beds or endless piles of river rock.  I often get to witness a moment in time when all of the elements blend together and create an almost magical pause. A pause, I wonder, if others see or feel when my eyes view them at the helm of the beautiful landscape before them. Smiles often tell the story well beyond what a mere fish in hand can say. I was here and life it seems paused today! To Meredith and Chester.............. Thank You!

Meredith and Chester taking advantage of a photo op!
24 degrees and sun still = ice!
This one had Chet moving down river in a race to the lake
One happy angler
Meredith with his Warrior Buck taken on the swing with one of Senyo's Gansta Minnows
And the release...

There is still time to get out on the water and take advantage of the spring run before it comes to a close. Keep in mind that smallmouth fishing opportunities will be upon us soon so give us a call!

Until next time............
Tim Hess
Flyfishing guide/Landowner liaison
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Love Of Chrome!

There is a progression that happens in the life of every steelheader. First you dream of that first Steelhead gracing the creases of your weathered hands that have braved the elements time and again. You cast and cast longing for that hook-up that seems nearly impossible, but haunts you. You find that nice run and the stars align. The indicator drops, the line comes tight, and it's on. The fight takes you down stream, close to the wood, but not too close. The fish runs to you and you struggle to keep pace, but with luck you stay on top. After a few minutes of heart pumping adrenaline and a lot of hoping, it happens...the fish comes to the net. Upon bringing that first prize to hand the celebration and joy is had that no angler will soon forget. It is a photo no camera needs to take, for the image is forever imprinted in your mind. It is a special moment in the life of any fly angler!

Not long after getting it figured out so to speak, the tendency shifts for the angler and many an angler get bit by what seems to be Steelhead gluttony. We need more and more fish and eventually our ability to put numerous fish to hand becomes a sign of status. The proud chest swells and often times we believe we have reached the know, we have arrived. As anglers we believe for a moment that we are the best stick around.

However, as an angler spends more and more time on the water and have caught more than their fair share of fish, a new shift in the dream, the hope, the expectation, begins to form. The cycle is nearing its maturity... a real appreciation, a full appreciation is about to be born. It is the longing not for a first fish, or a lot of fish, or even a huge is the longing for the purest form of fish. You know, that unadulterated, unmolested, every scale in place, no real signs of wear and tear kind of fish. It's the palpable craving for "chrome," the "white hot steel,".......the real fish of dreams for me these days.

Every time I hit the water with clients, I try to do so looking for these kind of fish, because it is in the these fish that I, and many of my clients now find the joy in steelheading! Fortunately for me, yesterday was a good day.

Thomas celebrates his first Steelhead of his short fly
fishing career and shares the moment with friend Patti!

Not long after Thomas' first fish, I decided to
graduate him to swinging for some of the fresher
fish, and he made me proud with this guy!

Gotta love sexy flies and fresh fish!

Patti with a nice steel topped freshie!

We have many guides on the water and each is finding fish in many locations and in different ways. Here are just a couple more photos from the past day...

How is this for a slab of buck?

Way to go Brad!!! Nice fish any day of the week!

We are on the water every day and will post more every chance we get. Until then, get out and get them while the getting is good!

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Nice To Be Fishing!

What little rain we got last night and today is going to help us out in the long run. Looks like the air temperatures are going to drop over the next couple of days, and it might just actually feel like we are fishing in March! Here are a few trip photos from Patrick Robinson, John Miller, and John Fabian. We hope you enjoy!

We'll have more for you later!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Getting Hot In Here!

 It's pretty warm for March and our hold over Lake Erie Steelhead are spawning and slowly dropping out. I'm hoping this weeks high water has brought in the mother load of spring time chrome. We have guys out all week so we will know more for sure very soon.  Here are a few recent pictures from John Fabian and John Miller... Just about everyone has been staying pretty busy, even though this weather has not helped or made the fishing easy. We're all hoping for cooler days...



Well have more soon!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dude Where's Your Car Keys?

Yesterday I had a few hours to spare, so I met up with Will Turek to sling a few bugs on the west side. Since it was Sunday and sunny we knew there would be plenty of guys out. So instead of rushing off, we decided to just cover as much water as we could and just have fun with the day. We parked Will's Jeep and jumped into my Nitro and off we went down the road to another parking area. The plan was to walk and fish the entire 3 miles, and still be back home in time to take my kid to see The Lorax in 3D.    

Part way through our hike and after talking with a few anglers, it was evident the fishing was slow. We hadn't felt a bump in any of the good runs we decided to try, and at this point we could only agree with how beautiful the day really was... it's nice to see anglers all agree on the same thing now and then :)

So as we reach the PSR I look over and ask Will if he had his keys? Confident as always he throws a tight loop and replies " I always have my keys bro!" We continue on and come up empty again on a few extremely good looking runs. At least we weren't the only ones right? 

It's now about 67 degrees and I am totally frustrated with this years hot and cold weather patterns! Just pick one and go with it for awhile, It's too frickin hot for March! Another run swung to no avail, but my casting is looking much better as the rust wears off. 

It's about 3pm as we reached the park and welcomed the sight of Will's Jeep! I'm really looking forward to a cold bottle of water, and some wind on my face as we drive over to pick up my truck. Looks like our plan worked out! We covered a lot of water, and even without a fish we had a great day!

Wait for It... Wait for It... "Um.... Dude I left my keys in your truck.... I'm really sorry bro, I always have my keys?"  Seriously!!!!!

We are now 3 miles from my truck, stuck in a public park with very little time to get home before the movie starts... There's no freaking way we are walking back! We start flagging down all the nice citizens and family's visiting to metro park and asking for a ride over to my truck.

With no help in sight a pair of bikers roll into the park. After talking to them about my situation, I accepted a ride and hopped on the back of a Harley Davidson waders and all. Never though in a million years I would be on the back of a motorcycle with a complete stranger, in waders, and miles from home... Nice to know there are still good people in the world willing to help out... It was a pretty sick ride through the country side too!

I finally get back over to the park with Will's keys. As we loaded up our gear, laughing our butts off about how the whole day went down, the Rangers pull up on us... Yeah that right! We were two guys attempting to gain access to peoples vehicles and kidnap them.... Really? Thankfully the Ranger was a class act and didn't jump to any conclusions. After he found out I was a LEO as well, we all had a chuckle about the whole situation... It goes to show you how much people have changed in this country... To the bikers that helped us out...Thank You!

The moral to this story is pretty simple?  Yo Dude! Don't forget your freaking keys!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

F3T: Cedar Lee Theater, Cleveland Ohio... Tickets at Chagrin River Outfitters!

The film tour rolls into Columbus, Ohio today. Then on March 15th the tour hits Ann Arbor, Michigan for another sold out showing! The F3T comes home to Cleveland on March 20th and discounted tickets are available at Chagrin River Outfitters. I would like to believe that with as many dedicated fly anglers located in and around the heart of Ohio's Steelhead Country, we would be jammin' at the Cedar Lee Theater to capacity for a rowdy good time! If we want to continue being a city that brings local fly anglers the F3T, we need your support to sell it out! Here's a little taste of what to expect this year!

Riding High: A Season on the Fly from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo.

The shop is packed with new goody for the spring! Stop by and take a look around! Let's get your tickets for a sell out crowd in Cleveland this year!

Fly Fishing Film Tour

Cedar Lee Theater, Cleveland Heights OH

Tuesday March 20th

Doors @6:30pm Show @7:00pm

Discount tickets available at Chagrin River Outfitters $12

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seriously Dudes! Support Your Local Fly Shops!

There are plenty of great events going on at local fly shops across the Midwest! Let's start the spring steelhead season off with some new gear! So get your shopping done, because the fishing is heating up!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Early Spring Steelhead...

A little dirty water swung fly action from this past week.

Since the majority of the tributaries are high right now, I wanted to take the time and put up quick post about the coming spring season. If you are looking to get out early- now is the time! As soon as the tributaries drop back to fishable flows it will be game on! Many of the Ohio Tributaries have been giving up some really bright fish the past few weeks, and this rain and warm weather should bring in the push of fish we are looking for.

If you are looking to get out we have plenty of guides available over the next two weeks... We have been taking several early bookings this year, and plan to take advantage of the good fishing, mild weather, and relatively light crowds. Looking to swing big streamers? Drift a few nymphs and buggers?

Here is a quick link to our easy online trip request form.

We hope to hear from you!  If you can't go it's OK, we'll put the pictures up here for ya later!

Ohio Spring Chrome!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chilean Adventure (Cont'd)

Chilean Patagonia at the Picacho Lodge is a special place. It's comfortable, remote, and beautiful. Not only for fishing, but for someone seeking opportunities for photograhy. The beauty and diversity of this region is a little known secrete making it one of my favorite destinations.

Below are some pictures of the beauty of this region along with some "grip and grin" pictures. Some of these were from my friends and clients from our February trip so thankyou for those.

Chilean Patagonia, truely a mountain of beauty

A good lake for large browns

I captured this sunset one evening before dinner.

With all the beauty of this area I had to include Tom making a fashion Statement

The Traditional Asado

There wasn't much left.

Sitting around telling big stories with a little Chilean wine

This mare was tough to get close to.

Piero and Tom with a nice Brown

Dennis with Santa's helper
Dennis with a nice brown from a Laguna

Tom and Claudio with a good fish.

Tom brought this nice bow to the net
Nate had a good week seen here with a nice bow.
Claudio with a nice Brown caught by Tom

Santa's helper did some fishing too.

Dennis bags another

Mowing the lawn

Here is Martin with a nice small stream brown.

A great place for a father and son to spend some time.

Keep your eyes open for more posts about this extrordinary destination. This truely is a remote fishing opportunity to fish with no others fisher people anywhere around. If you have any interest in a trip with us now is the time to begin your planning. Contact John Miller or I for additional information.
Scott McClintock
SAO Flyfishing Specialist and Guide