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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Much Needed Fly Fishing Retreat...

Over the past 11 days Mike Schultz and I hosted 3 groups of anglers up to our Brook Trout Retreat for a little fly fishing R&R. The bugs were popping everyday, the guys were awesome, and the fishing was good! We look forward to seeing you all again in the near future! Here a a few of the photos, I think they will tell the story better than I can!   
The scenery was spectacular, as we walked the stream searching for a rise.
Everyone enjoyed the Michigan Micro Brew.

Beers, brats, and dogs met each group upon there arrival to the retreat. 

Wet waders, strung rods, and happy anglers = Nap Time!

A solid Brook Trout caught on a Stimulator during the Yellow Sally hatch.

Schultzy & Dick pose with a hefty Retreat Brookie.

Bill poses with a nice Brook Trout, one of many during his retreat.

Senyo & Dave share a pic with a nicely colored Brook Trout.

Brook Trout that took a sculpin pattern.

Gary & Mike pose with a nice Brook Trout that took a streamer.

After a long day of fishing and a good steak dinner!

Tyler & Jesse share a picture together! This was Tyler's first trout on the fly!

Jesse wasn't far behind in landing this fat Brook Trout.

Schultzy & Ralph pose with a rare Tiger Trout!

The Tiger Trout took an Olive-Tan Circus Peanut.

Gary with another solid Brook Trout!

When the stream rose with the rains, large sculpins and streamers were the ticket!

Bob with a nice Brook Trout!

Flip landed the most "Wanted"  Brook Trout of the week, as we failed to get this guy to grab a fly until high water...

Schultzy plays a Brook Trout during what little down time we had!

Schultzy poses with a good streamer caught Brook Trout!

Senyo plays a nice trout near the cabin pool...

Senyo with a "Hero" Shot of one of the nicer Brook Trout we caught.

We fished right up to dark, as the Rusty Spinners were everywhere, and each evening we enjoyed a nice fire and good stories to end the day!

The walk home after a good day, and we'll leave it at that!

If you are interested in attending one of our hosted Brook Trout Retreats Next Spring, Please contact us at 419-466-9382.... Space is very limited!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smallies...But Not Really!

Every year with the winding down of Steelhead season, as we say our goodbyes, hello's to another fanciful gamefish are heard. It is no secret that many a warmwater fisherman would rather pursue Smallmouth Bass than anything else. They are feisty little fish, or are they. With the warming weather, the trees start to leaf out and the forest floor blankets itself with wildflowers and morels...the signs of spring are here and the snow has gone at least for a little while.

The trees show signs of spring as the green
explodes across the forest canopy.

All of our tributaries on the Alley have resident populations of Smallmouth Bass, but these aren't what really tickle my fancy. Instead it is the lake dwelling cousins that come in river to visit family that peaks my interest. These fish start moving in starting in late April, and by mid-May are often in prespawn mode. A few days ago, SAO guide Ben Barger and myself decided to get out for a day for ourselves. The fishing has been very good when you can get on the stream, but the rains have made it tough! Nevertheless, when we went out, we hit it right and capitalized.

SAO guide Ben Barger holds a very
nice pre-spawn Smallmouth.

Ben's fish hammered one of Senyo's Egg Raider Minnow.

All of our fish came swinging big sculpins on lighter weight rods in the dropping and clearing flows. Man was it fun to watch the light rods double over under the weight of these brutes.

SAO Guide Patrick Robinson poses
with another healthy Bronzeback.

Senyo's Shaghead Sculpin brought this fish to hand.

Time and again, the rods bent and we were glad to watch it happen. Below, it was Ben's turn once again and I was there to grab a couple of shots of the moment.

Ben fights a nice lake run Smallmouth.

Bringing the fish to hand...

And the lip n' grin! Always fun, even after many years!

Now, of course I didn't want to miss out on too much of the fun, so I got to swinging the waters as well and time and again, we came up with beautiful pre-spawn females full of fight and many jumps to boot!

Another hook up on a great day of Smallmouth fishing.

What a pig!

Yes, she had that big of a belly! It didn't matter how I held
her, the belly still spilled out of my hand.

All in all it was a great day! We had a blast and I think the photos show it. When I get a chance to put together some short film (no frills) I will post it. We did shoot a couple minutes that is good for bringing a bit more life to the stay tuned.

Until then, get out...the gettin' is good!

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Heading to the Mountains for 10 days of trout fishing without cell phone service or email! Please contact Patrick Robinson at if you have any questions, or need to place a booking for Smallmouth Bass or Fall Steelhead.
I am looking forward to the next two weeks of Brook Trout Retreats.

A nice Brown Trout from one of last years Retreats, I hope to see a few more this week!

The Delaware River system is heating up! If you want to get your Brown Trout fix- check out the guys at the West Branch Resort. Here are a few teaser photos from SAO and WBA Guide Johnny Miller.

John and Tyler with a pair of Delaware River Brown Trout!

Matt poses with a solid Delaware River Brown Trout!

Tom with a nice Delaware River Brown Trout.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hangin' Around!

Finally the weather is nice and all of the area Tributaries are fishable for once! If you want my advise take advantage of it, because it won't last long... We still have plenty of Steelhead roaming around with some real bruisers still in the mix, if you want a crack at a few end of the season fish, now is the time. We do have a couple of guides available through the end of May. If you are interested please contact me at 419-466-9382 or

Great numbers of Smallmouth Bass are already present, and it will only get better as we approach the end of the month. If you have never fished Lake Erie Tributaries, the Bay, or the beaches for Smallmouth Bass from 3 to 6 pounds with a fly rod in hand, you are missing out on alot of fun! We only run a few guides each year for Smallmouth Bass, so if you are looking to try your luck on a few bronze backs we would love to take you out!

Just a reminder the fly sale is still going, but flies are selling fast! I also will be out of all contact starting May 13th through the 25th, so if you need to place an RSVP for Smallmouth Bass this Spring/Summer, or for next Fall's Steelhead runs please contact Patrick Robinson at 419-348-7199 or

Here are a few recent photo's from SAO Guide Tim Hess!

Mamie with an awesome late spring buck steelhead, that she caught while swinging a white streamer.

Released to swim another day...

Mamie didn't stop after her big buck, and swung up this large drop-back Hen!

Brian with his first ever fly caught steelhead!

You never forget you first steelhead!

We are seeing more and more Smallmouth Bass, and the best thing about them, is their willingness to pounce on streamers! If you would like to get and catch a few for yourself, let us know!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally Feels Like Spring!

I can't remember the last time we experience so much rain during the spring season? Regardless- This spring was the toughest to try and schedule trips due to the high water and more high water! The trips we were able to complete were due mainly because many of you had the flexibility in your schedules, or needed to fish as bad as we did and were willing to gamble last minute. We thank you all for that!

Currently the Ohio Tributaries are high, but on the drop.... The PA Tributaries such as Elk Creek are already fishable. There are still good numbers of steelhead still available in Ohio, and with the unseasonably cool temperatures you should be able to find fish through the end of the month. Just an FYI more rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast, so stay on top of the weather reports and USGS gauges.

We still have a few guides available for spring steelhead if you are interested in getting that last steelhead fix of the season in... Let us know as the season is winding down!

Lake Erie Steelhead that took one of Senyo's Black Egg Raiders.

April Vokey with a nice Lake Erie Steelhead

Lake Run Smallmouth Bass have started to show up on the Lake Erie Tributaries, and it is not long before we will start targeting them! We have already been taking RSVP's for late spring and early summer Smallmouth Bass fly fishing trips. We have already seen and caught a few fish in the 5 pound range, and with all the high water, we should see an exceptional bass run this year. If you are interested in spending a day or two fly fishing for Bronze Backs, please don't hesitate to call me at 419-466-9382 or email me at

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass on the fly!

I will be out of cell phone and email contact starting May 12th through May 25th for Brook Trout Retreats! Please contact Patrick Robinson at 419-348-7199 or email at if you are looking to book a trip for Smallmouth Bass this spring or to put in your fall steelhead trip RSVP. I will return all messages when I get back. All Brook Trout Retreats are currently full for 2011. If you would like to book one of our retreats for 2012 please contact me ASAP, as space is very limited.

Nick With A Healthy Brook Trout From A Recent Outing!

Johnny Miller is back home on the Delaware System! Anthony Albano and "Miller Time" pose with a fat streamer caught Delaware River Brown Trout from a recent outing at the West Branch Angler. Look for alot more from John over the course of the summer!

FYI: End of season sale on all our custom fly assortments! Sale is available until stock runs out!
50 assorted steelhead nymphs for $50.00
50 assorted Buggers/streamers for $60.00
50 assorted Sucker Spawns for $50.00
10 "Swung Fly"  assorted streamers/sculpins for $25.00
Please call 419-466-9382 to place orders.