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Monday, January 29, 2018

Back to Alaska - Alagnak 2018

Have you ever dreamt of fishing the waters of the great state of Alaska?  If so, we have a trip that you would absolutely love and it will be full of hard pulling fish that you'll never forget!

For several years now we have been traveling up to the Alagnak River also known locally as the Branch River due to it's highly braided nature as it winds its way to the sea.

If you think you would enjoy catching a ton of hard pulling salmon (Pinks, Chums, and Silvers) on stripped and swung flies, then this trip is for you.  There will be shots at other species too such as Grayling, Arctic Char, and the leopard Rainbows that call the river system home.

Here are a few shots from past years to give you an idea of the experience.

 This photo could have been taken every 5 minutes on some days!

 A big buck Pink Salmon.  Their hump makes it difficult to fight them in strong currents!

 Leopard Bow from the Alagnak

 Silver Salmon in full spawning colors

 Arctic Char are stunning in their spawning colors!

 A super fresh Silver Salmon.  We hope to get many of these this summer!

 A very common sight 

 Grayling are great fish...especially on a dry fly.

 Chum Salmon that ate well!

 Your view for the week from the dock.

This was an epic day and it could be yours too!

As you can tell, we have had some fun on these trips up north.  The summer of 2018 will be no different.  We have two weeks back to back available.  If you are interested, let us know.

Week #1 - August 5-12, 2018
Target species: Swinging and Stripping Fresh Pinks and Chums 
Other Species Targeted: Rainbows, Char, Grayling

Note:  This week has been for many anglers the best swung fly fishing they have ever experienced.  Many days anglers land between 25-50 fish per person on the swing.

Week #2 - August 12-19, 2018
Target species: Stripping for Fresh Silver Salmon
Other Species Targeted: Rainbows, Char, Grayling, Chums, and Pinks

Note:  The Alagnak River has one of the best returns of Silver Salmon in the Bristol Bay region.  And Silvers (Coho) are very good table fare as well.

If you would like more information about this trip, please contact Patrick Robinson at or call (888) 453-5899.