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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Surfing for Steel! Lake Erie Steelhead Report and Update...

" Steelhead Alley Sun Set"
Saying that we need rain right now is a bit of an under statement! All of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Lake Erie Tributaries are a trickle of what they need to be to get the season going. The night time temperatures have been good and a few resilient fish are making there way into the lower sections of the streams in very small numbers.
The Lake Erie surf on the other hand has seen some really good fishing. Small pods of steelhead have been cruising the shore lines, waiting for the same thing we are RAIN!! Intercepting these pods in the early morning hours and during the last hour of evening light is your best shot at early season steel....
Emerald Shiner imitations between 3 and 4 inches have been good producers. Clouser Minnows, White and Olive Buggers, Rabbit Zonkers, and Custom Emerald Shiner Creations are good choices. If you are getting the bug to wet a line hitting the surf is well worth the time! Most of the beaches are angler free and dime bright fish are putting up one heck of a fight as they peel of line toward Canada!

SAO Guide Jason Gregory with a Lake Erie Steelhead from the surf.

If you look closely you can see a few steelhead cruising.(click picture to enlarge)
On a side note it looks like the PA Fish Commission is doing some work on trout run. The holding pool is being made much larger by the looks of it. We can only wait to see the out come of the construction work, as constant improvements are always being made to make the fishery better.

Construction work on Trout Run..

Until Next Time!
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Greg Senyo
Owner/Operator SAO

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