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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alaska Part III: A Rainbow in Bear Country!

I can honestly say that the Rainbow Trout was the least desirable fish I wanted to catch when I was in Alaska... I know you must think that I am crazy for saying so? Having grow up on Elk Creek and Steelhead Alley and having caught steelhead my entire life made my dreaming about going to Alaska and seeking out Char, Salmon, and Grayling much more appealing.. I kept thinking out load "Hey I have caught some big bows in my day!!"

This disrespectful put down of the Alaskan Rainbow trout went right out the window as the first fish nearly spooled me right out of the gate.The funny thing was the rainbow trout was a mere 18 inches and fought like he was a 30 inch PO'ed buck steelhead!! It did not take long for the Rainbow bug to catch myself and the rest of the group..

Talk about an exciting fishery!!! We caught Rainbows on everything from mice, sculpins, flesh, nymphs, and small eggs. We hunted huge trout holding behind schools of sockeye at will, and patiently waited at times for the Grizzly to finish snorkeling for salmon on a hot run in order to take our shot. It got to the point that I was pretty much whooped from all the excitement by the time we got back to camp at the end of the day!

The Alaskan Rainbow pretty much got me warmed up and excited to start our steelhead season back home on the "Alley". We will be seeing the AK bows again next year, and this time I can't wait..

Sun rises on camp as we prepare for the days adventure!

HEY BEAR!!! Walking through the Bush to new water, and a big bow!

Big Grizzly on the famous Brooks River.

Big Rainbow from the log jam behind me! Talk about a fight!!!

Craig with one of many nice bows.

The Famous Brooks Falls

Under water shot of Bows and Sockeye from the middle of a small run.

Craig with a big Rainbow on the Senyo Sculpin!

You know the saying a bad day of fishing is still better than a great day at work?
The guy who thought that was standing here!!!

Eric with a silvery rainbow

I like to call this " Rainbows In The Mist!"

John with a good Alaskan Rainbow.

Eric with another feisty bow..

Grizzly snorkeling for sockeye on the Brooks River.

Randy drifting a good run in "Bear Country"

As you can tell Craig had the hot hand that week!

Hey let go of my Eggo!!! Tangerine bead matches the sockeye egg perfectly.

Randy with a nice rainbow, one of many that smacked a #8 mouse on the surface.

Rainbow that smacked a mouse swung across a deep pool full of sockeye. I even got a few sockeye on dries, But more on that later!!!!

Patrick Robinson heads North to Alaska with our second group this friday!!! From what I am being told everyone is more than antsy waiting to go!! Good luck guys and have a safe trip... I am sure Pat will have alot more to talk about on his return.. If you are interseted in going to Alaska with us in 2010, please don't hesitate to call or email me at 419-466-9382 or

Until next time, tight Lines!!

Greg Senyo
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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