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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tying flies for.....well everything!!

The summer to me is the busiest season as a fly tier. Now is the time we tie in bulk preparing for the fall steelhead runs on our Lake Erie tributaries. Numerous eggs, nymphs, streamers, tubes, and specialty patterns need to be tied for many eager fly angler's orders, our guide boxes, and numerous fly shops for the Fall, winter, and the next spring.
My Completely messy tying station after a 3am session.

Then add into the mix tying orders for our hosted fly fishing trips and fly fishing adventures and we are flat out busy!  This year will see a host of fly patterns for our Canadian trek for Salmon on the Great Lakes for Kings and Pinks, our 2009 Alaskan trip for silver salmon, Monster Rainbow trout, and a host of other salmon species. I simply can't wait to be standing River side on the Naknek River swinging big and bold Pink Bunnies, Marabou speys, and sculpins to Ocean fresh silvers!!!

A set of Senyo's Lazer sculpins for Silver Salmon
A set of flesh flies for AK.

Swinging Large emerald shiner patterns tied standard and in tube fly versions during the fall for Lake Erie steelhead has become an absolute obsession.  It is a preferred way to entice some of the most primal instincts and strikes from mirror fresh fish that produce gut busting runs with horrific leaps that only a true steelhead addict would come to love.

A school of freshly tied Emerald Shiner tube flies for fall steelhead run.

A school of standard tie Lake Erie Emerald shiners.

As you can see, between our summer guide trips, seminars, shows, clinics, and fly fishing odysseys we still find time to tie pretty much.....well for everything!!!

Chinook Salmon caught while swinging pink marabou speys in September.
I'll see the kings again soon, just a few short months!!!!

Good tying and fishing
Greg Senyo

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