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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fly Tying- Dead Egg Stealing Leech Tube Fly for Great Lakes Salmon

Recently I received several emails regarding recipes for tube flies for Great Lakes salmon and steelhead. So starting today I will be running from now on a bi weekly step by step tutorial for fly patterns and tube flies for Great Lakes Salmon and steelhead. Our first installment is a basic Salmon and steelhead Leech tube fly pattern I like to tie and have tremendous success with. I hope you enjoy our first installment, and here is your request for a leech style tube pattern. If you have a request for a pattern, email me at with a description and style of the pattern you would like to see..

The Dead Egg stealing Leech Tube Fly

Position a 1.5 inch piece of 3/32 OD tubing on your tube fly adapter or vice. Place on the tubing a single Dead King Egg bead made by Super Egg(egg hole must be drilled out with 3/32 drill). Attach 6/0 hot pink thread as shown in picture and build up an even section of thread the width of the egg, so that the bead egg slide over thread build up snugly. Place a drop of Zap-A-Gap on thread build up and slide egg over thread.


Attach 6/0 black thread and wind to rear of hook, leaving roughly a 1/4 inch of rear tubing for junction tube .


Add six strands of rainbow flashabou about 1.5 inches long, and a 1.5 inch section of purple Zonker rabbit strip securely to the tube. Add a drop of Zap-A-Gap(optional)

STEP:4 and 5

Attach a 3.5 inch section of black cross cut rabbit strip and wrap evenly over tube toward the front of the pattern and secure. ( See photos as reference)


Attach six more strands of rainbow Flashabou and position flash on top of pattern. The length extends just into the tail section. Second attach 1 purple marabou plume so that the feather covers completely around tube and secure.

Cut off excess marabou plume and form evenly wrapped thread head behind Egg Bead.
Add a drop off Zap-A-Gap to thread head and cut off tying thread. Allow to dry.

The Finished Pattern
Secure a 1/2 inch section of junction tubing to end section of the tube for your hook,and secondly slowly melt the small extended section of tubing left in front of Egg bead. The melted section should mold to the front of the egg. For this pattern I like to use the Diiachi x510 #8 hook.
As a side note our fall steelhead season is filling rapidly. please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in a fly fishing guide trip with our staff. We are also taking prime 2009 Spring steelhead trip RSVP's already!! As you can see we have been all over the country fly fishing for trout and various warm water species, and tying tons of flies for the up coming seasons.
Below are a list of local fly shops we will be giving fly tying presentations and slide show/video presentations on trout and steelhead fly fishing before and during our guide season. We hope to meet and see some of you there..
October 11, 2008 @ Orvis Dayton
October 12, 2008 @ Orvis Royal Oak Detriot
November 8, 2008 @ Orvis Carmel Indiana
December 6, 2008 @ Colton Bay Outfitters Ann arbor MI
January 2009 @ Indiana on the fly show
More seminar dates to come!!!!
Thank You for your support!!!
Good fishing!
Greg Senyo

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