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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fly Tying - Streamers and realistic tubes for Great Lakes Salmon

With every sun set that passes, we are another day closer to wondering Canadian rivers for Chinook Salmon, Pink Salmon, and Cross breed Pinooks. We also will have the chance to fool a few Early run steelhead and local trout that have followed the salmon up river to feast on their bounty.

Greg Senyo deciding on the right Minnow Tube along a river in Ontario, Canada.

If you have never fished for kings with a fly, switch, or spey rod you don't realize what you are missing! I have come to love fishing large and fat minnow and Flashy bait fish imitations on the swing for Salmon. Fishing in this manor really lets you identify your " players" because of their aggressive response to this bold and brave bait fish that has refused to leave the salmons turf. Strikes from this large toothy fish are murderous and unmistakable and the salmons personality as a predator becomes clear and very apparent with every take.

A school of Senyo's Big Eye Fat Minnow tubes ready for action.

Some of my favorites streamers and bait fish imitations are between 3 and 6 inches in length, and are constructed of translucent Salt water materials and wavy thick and long natural hairs. Bodies are constructed from synthetics such as Ice Dubbing and Estaz. To create profile and a pulsating action to the pattern marabou, Spey hackles, and gadwell feathers are added. Productive Colors include a host of natural tones in olive, black, white and brown, but my personal favorite salmon combo in Black/purple/blues are very productive and a must in my box.

Senyo's Purple/Black/Blue Big Eye Fat Minnow Tube.

Senyo's Big eye Fat Emerald Shiner Tube.

While tying streamers for salmon one detail is commonly over looked by Anglers and fellow fly tiers. Don't forget to take the extra step and add the Eyes!!! The visibility of the eye on the fly pattern is an instinctive trigger that predators such as salmon can't resist. The eye also gives the pattern a realistic and life like appearance. Most of the streamers and tube flies I like to tie are far from traditional, instead preferring the larger thread head to use as a base to epoxy realistic 3D prismatic eyes. The end result is a more natural looking bait fish with a accurate and defined head, body, tail, and the all seeing eye.

A set of three Senyo's Big Eye Fat minnow tubes.

With all the modern materials that are available on today's market and in our fly shops, it pays to create and experiment in constructing life like imitations of the bait fish we have in our river and lake Eco systems. The history in tying flies for salmon is quite vast and the styles are many, but there is no substitute for fooling and catching a salmon on a fly you have fun using and have confidence in....because it works!!

The spoils!!! A large male King that crushed a Senyo's Big Eye Fat Minnow tube on the swing.

Tight Lines
Greg Senyo

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