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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grand River On The Endangered Rivers List!

Reading or hearing that a river near you is in danger, would and should start to make anyone think about the future. I will say it is very sad to see how many rivers and streams that are effected by mining, fracking, and the construction of dams. What comes to mind most recently is the pebble mine project in AK.

At the same time I understand the need for resources, but with technology where it is today are we really in need of fossil fuels as our primary energy source? Shouldn't we be progressing say as fast as our iphones? Or is the big business of oil and coal holding us back. Yes, I know it's all about the Benjamin's!

I can tell you first hand I am not any type of tree hugger nor have I been the most environment friendly person with what type of car I drive, how I recycle, and the products I buy.  To see Ohio's Grand River listed as #6 in this countries Most Endangered Rivers List, was to say the least frighting and eye opening. Check out the link below that Brett McCrae just sent over...

The Grand River is Ohio's crown jewel steelhead fishery.

The Grand River provides prime habitat for numerous wildlife and recreational opportunities for the public.

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