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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get Your Bass Off The Couch!

Right now the Smallmouth Bass fishing has been good with plenty of fish willing to play. The area tributaries are at their usual low/clear conditions, so long leaders, good casting, and slow retrieves are required if you want to be successful. The best flies have been basic Black, Olive, Rusty colored Woolly buggers with no flash or weight added, foam dries and hoppers, and Schultzy's Low Water Crayfish was by far my top producer for stubborn and finicky bass.

We have limited availability going into June, if you want to take a shot at a few trophy caliber Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass let us know we would love to get you out. Here is a link to our easy online Trip RSVP form.

June 2-3 2012 Free Demo Days at Schultz Outfitters! 2 full days and a full schedule of events on everything you need to get in the game! To check out all the details Click Here. I hope to see you there! Here's a few photos of some fun in the sun...

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