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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


From the title I am sure many of you are thinking that the luck was with the fishing. While that always seems to hold true at times, I am referring to the opportunity I had recently to accept a trip. It was one of those last minute, unplanned outings that I sometimes fear only because I know what goes into the preparation. For some reason I felt like I had to accept this offering. The day started in that typical fashion, waiting for light, are the fish gonna be there and did I forget something! But then I met Tim my client. As he began to tell me about himself I suddenly realized why I was suppose to be on this trip. Without going into details, Tim shared with me some private issues that have come about in his life. I looked at this man who stood before me and realized that I was put in this position for a reason, not just to be a guide today but to be a student. It was time for me to listen and learn about life in its simplest meaning and most complex all balled up into one chance meeting. And wonder you may what I learned on this day....................................
Slow down, open your eyes and Breathe!
I also learned that eventually you have to
pay back the fish gods!
Tim with his first steelhead on a fly!
A fresh hen that destroyed a Bob's Minnow pattern

Thank you Tim for sharing this day with me. I wish you the best and truly look forward to future endeavors with you. With Easter soon upon us, I would like to wish all of our followers and staff members a Happy Easter! Enjoy your time together with family and friends and remember not to stand behind them while they are casting! LOL
Until Next Time.................................

Tim Hess
Fly Fishing Specialist
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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