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Monday, March 12, 2012

Dude Where's Your Car Keys?

Yesterday I had a few hours to spare, so I met up with Will Turek to sling a few bugs on the west side. Since it was Sunday and sunny we knew there would be plenty of guys out. So instead of rushing off, we decided to just cover as much water as we could and just have fun with the day. We parked Will's Jeep and jumped into my Nitro and off we went down the road to another parking area. The plan was to walk and fish the entire 3 miles, and still be back home in time to take my kid to see The Lorax in 3D.    

Part way through our hike and after talking with a few anglers, it was evident the fishing was slow. We hadn't felt a bump in any of the good runs we decided to try, and at this point we could only agree with how beautiful the day really was... it's nice to see anglers all agree on the same thing now and then :)

So as we reach the PSR I look over and ask Will if he had his keys? Confident as always he throws a tight loop and replies " I always have my keys bro!" We continue on and come up empty again on a few extremely good looking runs. At least we weren't the only ones right? 

It's now about 67 degrees and I am totally frustrated with this years hot and cold weather patterns! Just pick one and go with it for awhile, It's too frickin hot for March! Another run swung to no avail, but my casting is looking much better as the rust wears off. 

It's about 3pm as we reached the park and welcomed the sight of Will's Jeep! I'm really looking forward to a cold bottle of water, and some wind on my face as we drive over to pick up my truck. Looks like our plan worked out! We covered a lot of water, and even without a fish we had a great day!

Wait for It... Wait for It... "Um.... Dude I left my keys in your truck.... I'm really sorry bro, I always have my keys?"  Seriously!!!!!

We are now 3 miles from my truck, stuck in a public park with very little time to get home before the movie starts... There's no freaking way we are walking back! We start flagging down all the nice citizens and family's visiting to metro park and asking for a ride over to my truck.

With no help in sight a pair of bikers roll into the park. After talking to them about my situation, I accepted a ride and hopped on the back of a Harley Davidson waders and all. Never though in a million years I would be on the back of a motorcycle with a complete stranger, in waders, and miles from home... Nice to know there are still good people in the world willing to help out... It was a pretty sick ride through the country side too!

I finally get back over to the park with Will's keys. As we loaded up our gear, laughing our butts off about how the whole day went down, the Rangers pull up on us... Yeah that right! We were two guys attempting to gain access to peoples vehicles and kidnap them.... Really? Thankfully the Ranger was a class act and didn't jump to any conclusions. After he found out I was a LEO as well, we all had a chuckle about the whole situation... It goes to show you how much people have changed in this country... To the bikers that helped us out...Thank You!

The moral to this story is pretty simple?  Yo Dude! Don't forget your freaking keys!

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gribble said...

perfect! Now do that on a float! rolls eyes!