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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fishing, Fellowship, and Lies...

I've heard it said many times that "Fisherman are born honest, but they get over it!" I laugh every time I hear that! Although there is some truth to everyone stretching the fish a bit, its not always about the's the fellowship. We bring the cameras to keep the other part in check too....ha, ha!

The first part of this week has been a great time for me and many of our guides. This week marked the return of many repeat clients who we thoroughly enjoy spending time with. The last couple of days, I have been with a family that has fished with us for several years now and are definitely dedicated to fishing on the fly. Eric and Tom had a great time with their father Dave and I can say the same. With several great days under their belt, they are always excited to get back to the Alley to see what her waters have in store.

Eric poses with a very nice colored up buck.

One of my favorite things about outdoor sports is the opportunity to do it as a family. This family knows the value of this and do things together as often as they can. Here, Dad (Dave) poses for a quick shot with son, Eric.

Dave and son Eric pose with the nice buck from above.

Each day on the river varies and has it's own special memories. Today, we had some really cool natural phenomena's that I was able to capture with the camera. This morning, the fog started rolling in while the sun was trying to press through. It made for some beautiful views while fishing.

A beautiful landscape to spend a day enjoying.

Day two with the family got started quickly with this beautiful colored buck that we hit bright and early. Tom got quite the ride from this powerful gent and was happy to come out on top. This kind of smile so early in the day is always a great thing to see!

Tom smiles with a nice buck in hand

Tom seemed to have the sure hand on this day. Some days you have it, some days you don't, but today, was Tom's day. He managed a very nice hit percentage and this fresh buck was one of his prizes for the day!

Tom smiles with a very nice chromed out buck

Today, I also had with me one of the newest additions to the Steelhead Alley Outfitters team. James Johnson may be a young man, but he has far more experience than you can imagine. Having spent the last handful of years in Alaska guiding at his families "Naknek River Camp" in the summer (See our trips page for trips offered to this world-class destination) and then on the famed Michigan waters guiding Steelhead in the spring, James is right at home here at Steelhead Alley Outfitters. Look for more of him in the future.

SAO Guide James Johnson poses with Tom and his
dime bright buck. Nice job James and you too Tom!

The release goes well...come back and play another day!

Eric also got into fish during the course of the day, but this little guy was a fiesty little beast! These first year return Steelhead known as "skippers" or "jacks" are always full of energy and very willing jumpers! I always wonder what it would be like to have one of those on a 3 wt rod!

Eric smiles with a very energetic first year return "skipper."

Eric, Tom and Dave weren't the only guys we fished with this week....not even close to the only ones. Of course, I can't leave out some very good guys from Texas with personalities the same size...or bigger. Meet Jim and Bill.

Jim and Bill are an absolute joy, if not a riot to fish with. These guys are brothers at heart and the competition is thick. Now, it's not the serious competition, but instead the friendly kind that includes the jabs and back and forth banter that leaves you laughing continuously. Jim and Bill are headed to Alaska with us in 2011, so Alaska, get ready....HERE COME THE TEXAS BROTHERS! Ha, ha, ha.....

Bill lands a very stout chromed out buck on day one

Jim and Bill were with us for three days this week and got to experience a lot of what our steelheading has to offer....gin clear Pennsylvania water, stained Ohio water, ice, ice, ice...Oh, yes, they got a good mix of water and weather.

Jim stands in awe of how the ice can form on a rod
so quickly. "It's not like this in Texas," proclaims Jim!

SAO guide Ben Barger got to spend two of the days with our favorite Texans and got the job done day after day in tough conditions. I'm laughing as I type this because that could also mean all the ribbing I know he took over two days....but all in good fun for sure.

Jim holds a colored up buck with SAO guide Ben Barger

Bill worked as hard as he could on this day to make sure he wasn't buying dinner...if I'm not mistaken, I think he ate free this night. Way to go Bill!

Bill lands a nicely colored hen

Some very nice fish were put in nets this week and a lot of clients went home happy as did our guides. I wish we could tell all the stories for the week, but there isn't enough time to get it done. So as with many of our fishing memories, we will just tuck them away to think on another day and smile. Until then, here is a sampling of some of the photos from our many trips this week.

Sam lands a hen and a smile with SAO guide Tim Hess

Mitch was a hard paid off
for this young man!

Mitch with a bruiser buck...check out the cheek!

Mitch strikes again and comes up with this hen

Sam gets another for his days tally

Chris and Jeff pose with amazingly beautiful hen.
This is the way we like to see them...spit polished and shiny!

Jacques and Jim battle the elements with SAO guides Ben Barger
and John Bowling and come up with fish in hand

Jacqelyn scores big with this bright hen! Nice job Jacqelyn!

Jacques hits another "freshy" as we like to call them!

Many more folks were out and more photos will be coming in daily. When we continue to get a few minutes, we will get more up for all to see. Until then, get out and fish....


Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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