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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Summer to Remember, But There's No Place Like Home!

The leaves are changing and the weather is starting to feel a lot more like Autumn here on Lake Erie. Most of the guys have concluded their summer guiding gigs and have started to migrate back home to the big lake to scout and fish for early season Steelhead.

At this point a few good pods of early run fish are scattered around the lower tribs. Hopefully we will see some good rain in the next couple days and continued low 50's through the coming weeks, as this will start the fall season with a blast of fresh steel. The bad news is that the tributaries are extremely low and clear right now. But the good news is that the fish have been pretty thick and the sizes have been better than average. It's really just a matter of time now.....

Our guide schedules are filling quickly as we get closer to kicking off our season! If you are interested in spending a day or two fly fishing for fall Lake Erie Steelhead we would love to share in that experience with you. Please don't wait or hesitate to put your dates in early... If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 419-466-9382 or

Below are a few of the recent pictures from the gang!

Guide Brett McCrae with fresh chrome
straight from the big pond!

Another fine early fall specimen.

Guide Tim Hess will a solid Lake Erie Steelhead.

Tim with another early fall Steelhead.

Steelhead That Fell For A Micro Bead Head Nymph.

Guide Joel Bock with a fresh Lake Erie Steelhead.

John Miller has nearly completed a great summer of guiding clients on the Delaware River system for Brown and Rainbow Trout. As of late the streamer fishing has been great and John only has a few more trips to run before he joins us for the fall Steelhead runs. A special thanks to our friends and associates over at the West Branch Angler for a wonderful season! Here are just a few of the recent trip photo's, and if you are interested in fishing the Delaware River system and need more information please visit

A beautiful Delaware River Brown Trout!

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day!

You can't fake smiles like that!

Another good Delaware Brown Trout.

Another good Brown Trout...

Delaware River Brown trout poses with a happy angler!

And we'll end with this toad of a brown trout!

SAO guide Mike Schultz spent some time away from his summer guiding haunts on the Huron River in Michigan to fly fish Baja, Mexico for Dorado and Rooster Fish! If this doesn't get your blood pumping, I don't know what will. I will let the pictures he sent over do the talking!

Schultzy poses with one of the Rooster Fish caught on the fly!

Nice Dorado, but that hat is off the hook bro!

Schultzy holds another fine Rooster Fish while fly fishing in Mexico.

Our hosted trip for Alaska 2011 is down to it's final two slots! This will be our fourth trip back and we are really excited about it! There is just something about Alaska that just keeps talking to you! Here are a few more pictures that just came in from this Augusts hosted trip with SAO's Joel Bock and Jason Gregory. If you are interested in fly fishing Alaska, you will really enjoy fishing with our group. Remember only two slots remain, and many have expressed interest....the clock is ticking on this amazing opportunity. For more information check out the top of this blog in the hosted events page.

Hooked up on a Naknek River Silver Salmon.

A Margot Creek, Alaska Arctic Char.

A fresh Naknek River Silver from "Silver Bend."

Another Margot Creek Char.

Fat Naknek River Rainbow Trout.

A fat Sockeye Salmon from Brooks River, Alaska.

Brooks River, Alaska.

A nice Silver Salmon from the Naknek River.

Brooks River Rainbow Trout.

Pushed out of the pool by one of the locals!

I hope you enjoyed the last of this summers photo's! Our focus has now turned to nothing but the approaching fall Steelhead runs, scouting the local tributaries, and tying lots of flies! We will have more to come your way very soon....

Until Next Time!

Greg Senyo
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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