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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Lake Erie Steelhead Preview- Let's Get This Party Started!

Well it's nearly that time of year! The summer has been flying by, and everyday we get closer to those first runs of dime bright Lake Erie Steelhead. Yeah, Yeah, I know it's a bit early to start talking Steelhead, but great events are being slated, and to be perfectly honest there is no better time to get the juices flowing. Now is the time to start scouting those tributaries, rearrange the fly boxes, dust off your gear, and start pestering your local fly shops!

Are you new to fly fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead? No worries! On October 30th and 31st we will be hosting an in depth steelhead school in conjunction with Orvis Cleveland. Local Steelhead Expert and Fly Fishing Manager Jim Lampros will be spearheading and leading what will be an insiders view of an evolving Steelhead fishery, with an extreme emphasis on tactics, techniques, gear, and preparation. For more information please visit the fly fishing schools page at the top of this blog.

Orvis Fly Fishing Manager Jim Lampros poses with a
beautifully colored Lake Erie Steelhead! We hope to see you
at one of the Orvis hosted Steelhead Schools!

Our fall Steelhead guide season is starting to fill! If you are interested in spending a day or two along our tributaries, we would love to share in that experience with you! All guide trips will be with a experienced local and licensed professional guide. All equipment, flies, leaders, tippet, and a stream side lunch are included in the price of the trip. Discounted hotel and lodging options are available upon booking. We look forward to having a chance to show you what Steelhead Alley has to offer!

Dave "Super Dave" Thatcher poses with one of the fall
Steelhead he caught with SAO last fall!

Another added bonus to an already outstanding fishery, is the addition and introduction of lake run Brown Trout. This fall we should start to see some of these trout returning to the tributaries and providing an added bonus while fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead! Look for the newest issue of Fly Fisherman magazine for Matt Supinski's Latest article called "Brown Town" We will have several new fly patterns featured along with great tips for catching lake run Brown Trout.

A gorgeous bonus lake run Brown Trout caught
while Steelhead fishing with SAO last fall!

Most of the SAO gang is starting to make their way back home after guiding out east, west, and hosting trips. Joel Bock and Jason Gregory reported back that their trip to Alaska was a blast, and as soon as the pictures come in we will get a full post up! Scott McClintock is driving back from guiding Montana's Yellowstone River this summer, and John Miller is still hitting big Browns on the Delaware River for the West Branch Angler. Brett McCrae just returned last week from guiding Wyoming's finest trout streams, and Patrick Robinson and Ben Barger are still editing outstanding video footage of their summer western trout endeavors. One thing is certain all the guys fished their butts off this summer, and are in tip top shape going into our fall Steelhead guide season!

Joel Bock with a Naknek River, Alaska Silver Salmon.

6 time NFL Pro Bowler Irving Fryer living it up in Alaska with SAO.

Jason Gregory poses with a Naknek River, Alaska Rainbow Trout.

Like I said, let's get those juices flowing, and get this party started early! We'll have a whole lot more coming your way in the coming weeks!

Until next time!

Greg Senyo
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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