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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Creek Gold and Elk Creek Bronze

This past Sunday, I ventured to Central Pennsylvania in the "wee hours" to meet up with Joel Bock, a veteran of the Spring Creek waters and a good friend. After a quick breakfast and a few laughs we would trek the beaten trail, in hopes of tight lines and solitude. Initially we would find those rewards as the fish were cooperative and the water fishermen free. As the Sulphurs magically appeared from the riffles, the fishermen did the same from the landscape. I have to say that it was very easy to loose the crowds in my mind as the fish occupied my conscious.

First fish of the day and the first fish
caught on my new Orvis Hydros 4wt

Nice Brown Trout that fell to a Sulphur Emerger

Joel with a nice Spring Creek Brown Trout!

Another Spring Creek Wild Brown Trout

Upon my return to Northwestern PA, I decided to wade my home waters of Elk Creek in search of the mighty Lake Erie Small mouth. I was a mere 30 minutes into it and already landed 3 nice bronze beauties. After my last release, 30 seconds passed and I was standing in water that rose an incredible 2 1/2 feet and turned to mud. I was forced to the bank and watched in awe as mother nature stole my moment.....I have never seen The Elk come up that quickly!

A Nice " pre flood" Caught Lake Erie Small Mouth Bass.

Another View

I will be back on Elk Creek in the days to come chasing Bronze Backs and praying Mother Nature decides to pick on someone else's Fishery! The Small Mouth Bass fishing on our tributaries has been fantastic! If you would like to get out let us know...

Until Then...Tight Lines!

Tim Hess
Fly Fishing Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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