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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Got Flies? New Tutorial Up, Tons More To Come...

Want to build yourself a dirty box
of streamers to swing for steel this fall?

I don't know about you, but I am pretty freak'in excited about a few fat Lake Erie Small Mouth Bass on big flies this month! Not only that but having the opportunity to play with a bunch of brand new materials and fly designs doesn't sound half bad either! Just the thought gets me pretty rowdy...Go figure?

Now that the steelhead season has finally finished, we will be ramping up our fly tying tutorial blogs with tons of great new streamer patterns to swing and strip this coming fall! Many of you who have contacted us wanted to see new sculpin and goby patterns, and I am a firm believer in "Ask and you shall receive." Now, I will not be able to have all these patterns for sale, but I promise to have good step-by-step instructions and pictures up for each one. What's fair is fair right?

Senyo's That's So 70's Sculpin
Step by Step Tutorial will be up this month!

Senyo's That's So 70's Sculpin
Other Side View

Those who asked, wanted something fun, crazy, new, and a lot of motion in the ocean! It also had to be patterns targeting bass, steelhead, and salmon. Here's the great news! This is only 1 of 12 different sculpin/streamer bad boys that will be posted on our tying blog this summer! So you can build a mean and dirty box of bugs of your very own, just in time for the fall runs of Great Lakes Steel and Salmon.

Thank you all for such encouraging feed back on all our designs, tyers, and tutorials! It makes it all extremely worth while for everyone involved... Happy tying this summer, and may your fingers cramp!

Smallies are calling...Gotta go!

Greg Senyo
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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