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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clark's Creek Pennsylvania

The day was beautiful and the parking lot was empty upon arrival. A friend of mine and fellow PA National Guard soldier Matt Smith joined me for a first encounter with Clarks Creek. After some research, we decided to follow the advice of a report, and head up stream from the fly fish, catch and release section. This would prove to be a great mistake. The lesson learned....reports are not always as honset as ours at SAO! So, after three hours of walking yielded and no visable fish, we decided it was time for a change!

Thankfully the scenery was just awesome, so that lessened the blow of the additional distance hiked. However, I would have gladly spent the day taking photos if I wasnt fishing. After our nice hike up into the wilderness without any sign of fish, we decided to head back and hit the special regulations area. There is no doubt that we definately should have went there first!

When we got there though, there was a guy occupying the first nice stretch...isn't that how it always goes? Oh, and did I mention there were lots of fish? The second hole was much the same as the first....another person, lots of fish, no space for sweat, we decided to press on as daylight was fading fast.

"Our" Flatwater Stretch on Clark's Creek

A little further down the trail, we came upon a nice little slow water stretch with a beautifull deep riffle tail out. I decided to fish the tail out, mostly due to Matt's persistence, and it's a good thing I did. I tied on a #18 Adams dry and trailed it with a equally small prince nymph. I used a small indicator to help control the drift through the faster water riffles.

Tim Hess Fishes the Riffle/Tailout

On the second drift, as the nymph swung with a little guidance, BAM! A nice brookie shot through the riffle and went airborne with the nymph finding its place snuggly in the corner of the mouth.

Tim Fights The Pennsylvania Prize

Tim Holds the Prize for the Days Labor

The beautiful fish was the perfect way to end a perfect outing! With daylight almost gone, Matt and I both smiled as we walked away. It was our way of giving thanks for a day filled with fish and much needed solitude!

Tight Lines,

Tim Hess
Fly Fishing Specialist
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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