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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fly Fishing Abroad, with SAO!!!

Steelhead Alley Outfitters Report For PA Trout, Late Season Lake Erie Steelhead, Small Mouth Bass, and much more!!!!

Central PA trout report from Jeremy Hoffman:

With all the recent rains the streams have been flowing better then they have this time of year for as long as I can remember. Pressure is definitely there, I see Spring Creek every day and there’s a lot of guys on the streams. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but Spring Creek fishes wonderfully year round. 365 days a year when its not a flood you can catch fish. I stand on the bank and ponder, where are all these guys in the fall? The sulphur hatch is starting to kick, the crowds enforce that my findings are fact! While I personally feel certain sections have better hatches then others people are definitely not taking advantage of the plenty of solitude the stream has to offer.
A day can be spent in some sections where seeing one or two other guys could be it for the day. Below the paradise is HOT. It’s almost hard to find a hole without stepping on peoples toe’s. These semi early sulphurs are much darker in the nymph form and bigger in the dun/spinner variations(size 12-14). A switch will soon happen that requires lighter nymphs and smaller patterns(16-18). Spring Creek trout can be very picky, they are pressured hard every day and to catch a bunch of fish means you’re definitely doing something correct. A spinner pattern carrying an orange egg seems to rain supreme.

I find the fish to be crazy for no hackle duns, cdc emergers fished mid water column and also parachute patterns work wonders. The bald eagle has been high, very high and muddy. The lower section from Milesburg down saw its last stocking of adult trout for the year about a week ago. I must say, anyone fishing it better be holding on steady and it should offer great fishing into the later parts of summer.
Soon the small mouth and rock bass will pollute the upper section of the stream. These fish are a blast and although you can catch a few rather large fish, most are smaller. They are however very aggressive and will eat practically anything. Add to that crappies in the mix and a few sunfish and you can have a blast of a day. You wont catch many trophy fish but if you like numbers and aggressive native fish, man is it fun! A close friend of mine has been spending a lot of time with me on the water when we are free and we’ve been doing very well. Hope to see some of you very soon.… tight lines!

Delaware River trout report from John Miller:

The Delaware River is starting to heat up and the fishing has been rewarding with alot of dry fly action. A good mix of caddis hatches sizes #18 thru #14 in Olive and tan have been the top producers so far this week. We are seeing some great brown trout in the 20 inch range rising to dries daily. Our trout fishing here is in full swing and is going to get even better. Here are a few photos from this week. Good fishing Everyone!!! John Miller of SAO and West Branch Angler.

Late season steelhead and small mouth report from John Clouser:

If you told me we would still be hitting a few Lake Erie steelhead at this time of year I would have just shook my head in disbelief, but its true!!! The weather has been very cool and the water temps have held decent around 55-59 degrees this week giving us a few great days of steelhead. Swinging streamers, buggers, and John's Creatures have been the ticket for drop backs and these late season runners. We are Picking up good numbers of small mouth in the larger pools on the lower rivers pretty consistently now. Cray fish, emerald shiner, chub, and leech imitations are the top choices, and don't forget a few gray or brown deer hair poppers for early morning top water action.

Spending time with family and friends and passing on the fly fishing heritage:

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