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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Fly Fished Round The World

Every now and then we get reports from people on their fishing adventures that are fun to share.  This time we got one that is pretty cool.  Now, don't tell Greg I posted this, because we don't want his head to get too big, but this time the report comes all the way from the Tierra del Fuego.

Instead of hearing the report from me, how about I just share it in their own words….


Our first morning on the Rio Grande we arrived and the water was very muddy and high because of recent snow in the mountains that was melting off.  After seeing the conditions, our guide put one of your flies (an Artificial Intelligence) on Roger's line. It didn't take long and BINGO!!! A beautiful female sea-run Brown Trout weighing 18.5 pounds!!!

A beautiful Sea Trout comes to hand on day one in the Tierra del Fuego
18.5 lbs of absolute swingers bliss spills out of another satisfied clients hands!
This was a super nice fish to start off the week with! It was interesting to hear that our guide Fede said he has seen your ads in fishing magazines!!! (I think they are glad he did)

Senyo's Artificial Intelligence Intruder poses after
being abused by a smoking hot hen Sea Trout!

Here is a shot of the fly that was used to pull that first fish!! Thanks so much! Katherine

So, there you have it…whether at home or abroad, the A.I. as it has affectionately been labeled by fly anglers is getting it done from the top of the world all the way the bottom and many places in between.

If you are interested in picking some of these up, feel free to contact us at 1-888-453-5899 for a custom selection.

If you are fly tier and are wanting to tie some up, check out our fly tying blog for a step-by-step tutorial.  Click here

If you are in need of the supplies from Hareline Dubbin that we use to tie this fly, please call us once again at the number above and talk to the guys in the shop…they can ship out everything you need today and have you on the swing very soon thereafter.

Have an awesome day guys and gals and remember that the streams are gonna be heating up later in the week and hopefully the swing bite will be too!

Tight Lines,

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Director of Operations
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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