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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ice & Snow + Steady Flows = Fish

It is so glad to be in the midst of our winter Steelhead season....(sounds of screeching brakes, crashing sounds, etc)....wait a second, did I say winter?  What I meant to say was spring, but all this snow and ice has me a bit confused these days!

Lately our riverscapes have looked anything but spring like and if it weren't for the presence of the Canada Geese and plethora of other waterfowl on the rivers along with our wonderful stonefly hatches, I would be hard pressed to believe we are actually in the spring season.  Don't get me wrong, we get a little bit of snow each spring, but this has been a straight up deep winter weather pattern.  In the last week or so we have seen as much as 15 inches of snow fall.  Here is this morning out my front door.

 A gorgeous spring morning from my front porch

A winter Stonefly nymph crawls on the snow looking for a partner

Despite the feel of winter in the air, we have been as busy as ever and although the water temps are a bit chilly, fish are hitting the net without fail.  Here are just a few photos from recent days out with those who are either lovers of swinging flies or are just learning the art of spey casting and wanting to try their hand at swinging's been a lot of fun out there!  But just look at the surroundings....snow, snow, and more snow...with a bit of slush for added affect.

No matter the conditions, steelheaders are out there beating the water.  Yes, we are a rare breed!  Often called crazy or stupid, but we like to call ourselves passionate about what we do.  Freezing rain, snow, sleet, and 32 degree water doesn't keep us from doing what we love when given a chance.  After many flies swung and a lot of downed indicators, fish have been coming to hand for many and here are just a few of the photos from the past week or so....

Any way we look at it....spring or not...we love to do what we do!  Thanks to all of our friends and clients who have entrusted us with their time!  It has been tough on some days and easier on others, but you all have stuck it out and got the job done!  Here's to doing it again and often!

On a different note, if you haven't heard, we have just launched a new website at the same web address we have always had...  If you haven't already seen it go give it a look and let us know what you think of it.

Also, we are starting to think toward our September Alaska trip.  We still have openings available if you are wanting to make this trip with us.  Drop us a line if you have questions or want to make the journey with us this year.  Below is an overview of the trip and you can visit our website to see copious amounts of photos and video by clicking here.....ALASKA 2013

Good luck out on the water!  Hope to see you out there soon!

Tight Lines, 

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide 
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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