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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jet Lagged Confessions - Alaska Style - Part 2

Alright....the next confession in this blog series is that I love the colors of Alaska.  From the sky to the water to the tundra and the trees, the state of Alaska has some really cool colors.

I have been privileged to see some really spectacular sunrises and sunsets in my time, but Alaska seems to take the cake for the most breathtaking of them all!  This photo is one I snapped at daybreak and other than cropping it, did nothing to edit it for this blog....Simply amazing colors are seen regularly!

The view from my front porch looking out across the Naknek River.

The other confession I have is one my good friend Greg would wholeheartedly agree with and that is that I have a fly fishing love affair with Char....not just Arctic Char either.  I just absolutely love Char  and love chasing them wherever they can be found!

Although I didn't spend time this year getting really good photos, we did get some that bring back some great memories.  I did get a bit of video with my GoPro too, but don't have the time to edit it down right now, so the photos will have to do.

Jim and brother Bill show a beautiful Char on their return trip to Alaska 

An Alaskan Char ninja sighted on the Ugashik Narrows.

Ken holds a colored up Char at the Narrows.

SAO guide Ben Barger cherishes a moment with his father Jim as a beautiful Arctic Char graces their presence. 

Ben Barger and Hunter Johnson take time for a snapshot.

Ken holds a really nicely kyped Arctic Char on a jewel of a creek. 

In closing I must confess that yes, there is more video, but you will need a bit of time to watch this clip as it is around 12 minutes in length.  While it isn't a total Char piece, it does have the prettiest Char I have ever photographed or filmed without a doubt!  Again, this is an excerpt from the full length piece we edited down from last year's trip, so enjoy!

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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Chris S. said...

Awesome video Patrick! You have to love a stream with that kind of species diversity!