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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Variety...The Spice of Life!

The summer has been busy with many of our guides relocating to summer haunts to guide and for those who take the summer off, well, it's been time to play.  Not always having the chance to go in search of the trout some of us would like, often times we just get out to enjoy a river and are constantly reminded of the surprises you can find on the end of your line when fishing warm water.  Here are just a few...

Chico holds up a hefty pre-spawn Channel Cat

 Greg and fishing partner hold a couple of Long-nose Gar caught 
while prospecting the Maumee River for White Bass.

 Toward the end of Steelhead season Nate Miller, myself and my son in tow, decided to go looking for some late season, last minute chrome and came up with a gorgeous surprise full of the payload of a next generation.  This truly was a great looking fish that I know neither of us will forget anytime soon!

 Nate Miller holds a monster Walleye caught while
swinging big flies for late season Steelhead

Nate with another hold on this beauty...nothing
likes the eyes of a big "Eye!"

If you aren't taking the opportunity to get out, don't waste another minute.  We have been out fishing for everything from Rock Bass & White Bass, to Northern Pike and Muskie.  If you have the time get out there and give it a shot.  If you need help or assistance, we offer personal instruction as well as group instruction to help you hone your game.  Give us a call if we can help.

Tight Lines,

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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