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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More on our Chilean Adventure

Chilean Patagonia. Just a beautiful place to visit during our winter months and their summer. Our group had a great time and experienced exquisite meals and hospitality. They were in awe of the scenery and of course the fishing. Here are just a few pictures to get started and more to come in the near future.

A Mountain of beauty.

Remote Fishing Op.

Not a bad place to be.

Just a beautiful spot.

How sweet it is!

Nate with a couple he brought to the net really fast. He
went on to numerous others. It was a good day.

Here's one of many nice browns Nate brought to hand
on remote water.

A nice chunky Brown from one of the lagoons. Hmm, must
be Santa's helper.

A nice bow caught on one of our SAO streamers.

Back at the lodge for a fire, libations, dinner and of
course plenty of stories.
Check back for more on the Chilean adventure. This is
just a taste.
Scott McClintock
Fly Fishing Specialist & Guide

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