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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aliens Or Fish Food?

After a lot of prodding and poking from Greg, Pat and the rest of Guys at SAO I've finally got off my butt and decided to put together a few blogs in the off season. My first will be some close-up photography of some mayflies that I have studied over the years.

The next few will feature Duns, Spinners, Nymphs and maybe some emergence sequences if you aren't to sick of seeing bugs by then! I have been taking pics of bugs for many years and now I'm going to open up my archives and share some cool stuff with all of you.

Most people that I fish with always ask me about my photos and my time spent off the water, here's the fruit of my labor. I'm going to keep my "bug blogs" simple and not get into the "exact science" but, focus on the artistic beauty of these Ephemeral creatures.

I just love the way they seem to always be looking back at me, when I look at them thru the camera's eye! And the power that they have over a big wild can something so small be such a strong magnet for both Fisherman and fish.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Rock on!

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Churchy said...

nice shots !! What are they?