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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Fast & The Furious

Fast and furious seems to be fitting as a title for this fall's steelhead season. We have been fortunate to have decent precipitation but not too much (until recently) and new fish have come in with every push of water. So, at times the water has been fast and the fish furious and on other days it has been fast fish and furious waters....either way, its been fun!

For many this fall the rain has meant very good days on the water, while for others it has been a true day of fishing. Any way you slice it though, aren't they all good days....really? I can't tell you how often I hear guys say, "Oh, the fish are just a bonus...I just like getting out!" It seems that the older I get, the more I am slowing down and understanding the depth of that truth. Sometimes it is more the fellowship with friends in a gorgeous setting that really makes the day...afterall, a big fish caught alone just doesn't have the same impact as one shared with a friend.

Fortunately, I have some friends I get to share these kinds of things with and on regular occasion I get to see others share with their friends the experience we know as Steelhead Alley. We are very fortunate to be on these kind of waters and make memories with so many great people. Here are just a few photos from my last three or four weeks.

Nathan and Steve hammer home a nice double
to finish a great day on the Alley.

Nathan brings a hen to hand and holds her
high for all to see the glory!

Steve hold a pretty buck while his buddy Mack
goes after his own in the background.

Mack finishes the job and poses with one of his own.

A nice hen for Mack yet again.

Steve got the day started in the stained waters.

The men of Reel Women /Reel Men of Indianapolis
pull a nice double on Steelhead Alley.

Bob shows off a colored buck

Joe finished his day with this beautiful hot hen

Bob lands a nice heavy shouldered tight Hen

Bob hits a hen and gains a smile.

Victor gets on the board with this beauty.

Eedo lands a solid buck in the shade of the day.

Currently the water is up and away, but we hope to be fishing again later in the week. Hot flies lately have been Chicken Littles, Bob's Minnows, Buggers of varying colors, Smurf Stones, Ice Man Minnows and various eggs in brighter colors in heavy flows and pale pastels on clearing water. No matter what you use, change up if you can't seem to find what they want.

In closing, if you are interested in booking or have questions, Greg is out for a few days, so call me at 419-348-7199. Best of luck on the water!

Patrick Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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