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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh The Joy!

All I can say is this...I love it when conditions agree with clients plans. I don't know about others experiences, but I know the disappointment when you book a guide only to show up and have blown out conditions, or the birds aren't flying when you booked the is a big let down. Well, today was no such day, and I have to say that I revel in the excitement of days like this.

Leon and Jamie were both first time Steelheaders, each looking for that explosive experience that they had both heard about. As their good fortune would have it, the fish were there, were being very cooperative and were eager to please.

Congrats guys on a great day and first fish!

Jamie holds his first Steelhead...a pretty hen was all he needed
to get his pulse elevated and the blood pumping hard!

The pink hue mixed with the chrome flanks was gorgeous!

One hen down, so why not take a closer look as a
big buck with plenty of attitude and color too.

Jamie poses with pride and a handful of fish.

The release to fight another day...

It wasn't long before Leon decided to join the party...and join
he did. Way to up the ante Leon with a stunning piece of Chrome!!!

Leon's first Steelhead is every steelheaders
dream...Chrome sweet chrome!

Jamie poses with another buck...this time a big shouldered
thug that taught Jamie a few more lessons.


One heck of a way to end a day!

The fish are in and conditions are prime for fresh Chrome. Get out when you can and look for fish in all the likely holds. They weren't hard to find today and that is always a great thing!

Until next time, best of luck and may all you fish be bright!

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Head Guide
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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